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How to make your child become ambitious?

Every child dreams of becoming somebody someday. You as a parent can help him realize his dreams by helping him to be ambitious. How to do it? Read on and find out.

Be passionate about your own interests

We, as parents, sometimes lack the passion, the drive to do what we really want to do because well, we have to make a living, right? We have to embrace the duties and responsibilities of our day jobs even if we have our sights on something else. For example, if you love the visual arts, take him with you to art galleries, allot a certain time each week to paint, show him photos of beautiful artworks, etc. This will encourage him to be passionate about his interests, too.

Send him or her to a good school

where his or her ambitions will be rewarded...

Find out what his interests are

All children have interests which they may be or not be aware of. You can discover this while he is at play. Does he like building towers or homes? Maybe he wants to become an architect or engineer someday. Does he like to hear and make stories? You might be the parents of the next John Grisham. Learn about these possibilities and encourage him.

Let him see the consequences

So your son is too confident about himself that he doesnít want to review his lessons? Fine, so be it! Reward him if he gets an A. If he fails or gets a low grade, donít scold him. Just show him that itís what he gets for not exerting effort.

Let him express himself

Donít stop your child from commenting about politics, media or whatever he sees in TV. You might be surprised at what he has to say. Just let him say his piece, and ask questions to show him that you are interested in what his thoughts about certain matters are. This will improve his critical thinking abilities and his vocabulary as well.

Give a good example

Donít treat him as the fulfiller of your lost dreams

Oftentimes, we are what we are now because our parents chose this path for us. You wanted to become a writer but they enrolled you in med school because they ďknewĒ that you would be a good doctor. So donít enroll him in writing classes if he doesnít want to become a writer. Find out what he really wants and support him in every way you can.

Try different tools and styles of learning

Does his teacher constantly report that your child performs poorly in class? If you know that your child can do more than that, maybe heís just bored or easily distracted. Ask the teacher or surf the net for more engaging activities which you can give him at home.

Give due rewards

Rewards do not have to be expensive. A treat to his favorite ice cream or burger joint will do. Whatís important is that you show him that he gets good things for a job well done.

Be proud of him

Nothing makes a child feel better than knowing that his parents are proud of his achievements. This will make him strive harder and more ambitious.

Show him the opportunity to be better with something

Allow him to enlist in different clubs and organizations

Is he interested in music? Let him join the glee club or band. It wonít hurt his academics, mind you. It will even further his knowledge and widen his horizons.

Give him brain games

Just like our bodies, our brains need exercises too. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku or Rubicís Cube are fine examples. For more brain games, check out They have very good games for kids and adults alike.
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Make your child become ambitious
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