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How to make the best portrait photographs?

A lot of people are into photography these days. So how do you become a good photographer for portraits?

Know the sunny 16 rule

You want to make sure that you can have the right exposure with or without the assistance of any type of machine. Once you have mastered the sunny 16 rule, this can be an easy thing to do.

Know how to utilize both black and white and color

Black and white and color photography can have its own pros and cons. In portrait photography, these things can be well utilized.

Have the right aperture on lens

1.8 and 1.4 aperture on lenses can give a good focus on your subject. For the downside though, these things are expensive.

Have the right lens

Nikon and Canon can be two of the best types of lenses out there. These things can be used for different purposes. For instance, Canon can be more detailed while Nikon can be more subtle.

Maximize the texture

Texture can bring in emotion to the portraits. You want to make use of facial lines and such in order to make the most stunning portraits.

Get the right type of camera

There are different cameras that have different fortes. For instance, the Mark 2 of Canon can provide you with some of the most stunning portraits for sports photography.

Get in a good class

Photography class can teach you basics of shooting, What you want to go for are classes that can specify portrait photography.

Learn the basics first

You want to make sure that you understand the basics of shutter speed, ISO and other things that can make the best portrait

Go for both digital and film

There are instances when you can get the best results in film. However, there are also some instances when digital will provide you with a fast result. You want to have a balance of both.

Practice in both studio and outdoors

You want to master both studio and outdoor shooting of portraits. This will give you an advantage in different situations when shooting portraits.
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Make the best portrait photographs
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