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How to make my blog competitive in its niche?

A blog, coined from the words web log, is utilized by individuals, companies or organizations to express their thoughts about different niches. You can make it competitive by having valuable content, getting the most responsive web design and using some SEO.

You need to have the best content

Whether it is a video or a copy that you want to present to your niche, it is important to be found valuable in the eyes of your audience.

You need to know how your niche behaves

Is your niche too serious or they are too casual? You need to know just what are their tendencies.

Learn how to do SEO

Have you tried searching for your site? Is it even seen in the first page? If not, you are missing a great number of clients. You need to make sure that your site is up there.

Get the most responsive web design

When it comes to your visitor's reaction, you need to make sure that they are impressed aesthetically.

Know the algorithm of Google

You have to know if you are actually pleasing the algorithm of Google or not.

Organize a social media marketing strategy

Social marketing strategy is important in order to get more from your audience. Facebook, Twitter and even Google Plus can all play a great role in diversifying your blog's influence.

Use Wordpress

Wordpress can help you cut the cost of web design. You can choose among a number of themes that can fit your site.

Utilize a Wordpress Framework

Having a Wordpress Framework like Genesis gives you a number of manipulations on Wordpress. The one time payment on this type of set up is also worth it.
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Make my blog competitive in its niche
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