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How to make money with affiliate programs?

Affiliate Programs are created by business enterprises to promote their products and services. You become an affiliate member of these enterprises either for free or by payment of some fee.

Research a niche that is most popular and lucrative for you

There are several popular and lucrative affiliate programs. Some of them include eCommerce Affiliate Marketing, Coaching Affiliate Programs, B2B Affiliate Programs, Website Affiliate Programs, Medical Equipment Affiliates, Self-Help Affiliate Programs, Fitness Affiliate Programs, SEO Affiliate Programs, and Software Affiliate Programs.

Find out how popular is your chosen niche

You can determine how popular your chosen niche is by doing an ordinary Google Search labeled “Caribbean tour packages.” This particular search will denote the number of sites on that subject or niche. A niche having less than 5,000 results is a good option.

Using Google Keyword Research Tool, break down the niche

To break down your chosen niche into specific niches, use Google Keyword Research Tool. For instance, “Caribbean tour” is a popular niche. However, it is too broad. Different people are interested in a Caribbean tour for diverse reasons. These could be for vacation, honeymoon, birthday, or a special event. Here, Caribbean tour for honeymoon and Caribbean tour for vacation are specific niches.

Fashion a website around your chosen niche

Provide ample information about the niche to your visitors. Since these visitors are potential customers, you must make the website content interesting and informative. Refer them to buy the service or product through a newsletter.

You can create out-bound links to promote the products and services on your website which leads to the enterprise’s landing page. Additionally, you can also create out-bound links from other sources. When purchases are made by customers by clicking on your out-bound links, you will be paid a percentage of the profits by the enterprise.

Diligently research and target long-tail keywords

In the example we have already seen, the keyword “Caribbean tour package from US” is a long-tail keyword. Likewise, “Caribbean tour package from Europe” is also a long-tail keyword. In all the web content you create, you can target long-tail keywords which are most relevant to your chosen affiliate program and generate more revenue.

In your articles, use the keywords at prominent places

These prominent places include the title of the article, the first sentence, the sub-headings, and the last paragraph. This is easy for both readers and Google spiders.

Alternate method of promoting affiliate programs

Article marketing is another method of promoting your chosen affiliate program. You can write engaging and informative articles about your service or product and submit them to article directories. You can post outbound links leading to the landing page of the affiliate enterprise or your website or both.
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Make money with affiliate programs
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