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How to make money?

With the fluctuating economy, who doesnít want to earn extra? Aside from starting your own business, you can also make money by refinishing old furniture, fixing houses and apartments or designing web images.

Find creative solutions for common problems

You can make money by finding creative solutions to common problems. You donít need a fancy degree for doing this.

Invest money

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Buy underpriced used books and resell them online

Fix a scanner to your phone or personal data assistant (PDA). Visit thrift shops and bookstores that sell used books. Scan the ISNB numbers of used books. Compare the selling price of these books in online marketplaces and websites. When you find a profitable proposition, buy the book. Resell the book online and pocket a neat profit. Be extremely discrete about the whole process.

Start a business

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Save money

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Regularly. And later, invest...

Make and sell crafts

If you are slightly crafty (no pun intended), consider selling your goods online on sites like eBay and Etsy. Despite the fact that there is more money in intricate projects, even labor-light projects generate huge returns if you can somehow supply them in high quantities.

Get a job

Attend police auctions

Police auctions are another place where you can find incredible deals. Whether itís stolen vehicles or stolen jewelry, you can buy them at tremendously low prices. You can resell these items for huge profits.

Fixing houses or apartments and reselling them

You need a lot of initial capital for this. If you are a person with a working knowledge of whatís valuable in building a home, possess a great design sense, and are prepared to wait for the right buyer, you can seriously contemplate buying, remodeling, and reselling real estate. Here, the pay-off can be exceptionally high.

Hunt for bargains at thrift sales

You just need some knowledge in a particular area; for instance, action figures, Taxco Mexican silver, classic National Geographics, etc. An uncanny knack for spotting good quality will also be helpful. Visit private sales often and you will find unexpected deals.

Online business

You can do online reselling business to make money. To do this business you have to buy reseller account. Get the account from the site . This business is about selling domain names, hosting service, SEO service etc.. At higher rates. After selling each of it you will get commissions from them.

Refinish old furniture

Buy worn-out furniture at rock-bottom prices and refinish them. You will need some craft sense, sandpaper, stain remover, and lacquer thinner to recondition the worn-out furniture. This will certainly fetch you a decent resale price.

Sell photos

If you are a decent photographer with a good sense of color and composition, you can click stock photos and sell them. Stock photos are nondescript images that can be utilized for various applications. Most often, stock photos are used in the illustration of online products or articles. Stock photos of people; for instance, people kissing, people arguing, or people smiling, command a high price, as they need the written consent of the subjects. Look out for a renowned stock photo database or dealer that will pay you decently.

Design web images

Combining good aesthetic sense with a photo-editing software, background graphics for web logs, computer icon packages, or social media pages can be designed beautifully. Learning some fundamentals of computer programming will be extremely helpful in designing such web pages that are in great demand. Programmers with a sharp eye for beauty are in short supply. Hence, designing web images is another fantastic option for making money.

Pick up qualifications

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