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How to make a small kitchen look bigger?

Due to its size, a small kitchen can actually impede cooking and preparing meals. Make your small kitchen look bigger with the tips provided by real-life interior designers and writers.

Paint your walls with light colors

Light colored paint creates the illusion of wider, more open spaces. Go for white, lemon-yellow, powder blue, etc.

Get rid of clutter

Put your old recipe books, pots and pans that are only used during celebrations in your attic to free up more space.

Install customized kitchen shelves

Customized kitchen shelves give your kitchen a neater, more organized look. They are great space-savers, too.

Open your windows

Open windows allow natural light in. Youíll also have the benefit of breathing fresh air and saving electricity.

Use appropriate lighting

Puck and accent lights may look cute, but not in a small kitchen. One or two ceiling lights will do. You might also want to consider under-cabinet lighting which can provide your area with a soft, cozy glow.

Use pot racks

Free up space in your cupboards and cabinets by hanging your pots and pans in a pot rack. Set it up with some twines and youíll have a charming kitchen decoration as well.

Choose furniture that best fits your kitchen

Donít buy kitchen furniture that will crowd your area even if itís being offered at 50% off in the nearest department store.
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Make a small kitchen look bigger
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