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How to lose weight?

Weight loss is one of the most predominant issues in the world today, what with more than a third of the population suffering from obesity. Here are some tips to help you lose weight in the most natural way possible.

Burn more calories than you consume every day

Burning 500 calories more than you eat should make you lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week..

Learn to recognize your food triggers

Careful scrutiny of your personal journal can help you identify your food triggers and empty calorie traps. Avoiding the purchase of these foods and planning your meals in advance will help you to stick to your diet. This will keep you on track for attaining your planned weight loss goal.

Adopt healthy eating habits

Making lifestyle changes and adopting healthy eating habits help you to lose weight. Making a number of easy but significant behavioral and dietary changes can jump-start your weight loss plans. Furthermore, you will not regain the extra pounds you lose by adopting healthy eating habits. In other words, the weight loss achieved is long-lasting and permanent if you strictly stick to your dietary changes.

Keep tempting food out of your sight

Out of sight, out of mind. Just don't buy them.

Select a personalized meal plan

Chart out your calorie intake plan after consulting a dietitian. Discuss your targeted weight loss, current eating habits, potential areas for improvement, and special dietary needs. Select meals consisting of a healthy balance of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and low-fat milk products. Your dinner should include vegetables or fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Watch your portion sizes

Look for nutritious, delicious, healthy meal and snack ideas in cookbooks or online sites. Create your own menu for the week or for the entire month. Strive to incorporate appropriate portion sizes always. For example, a nutritious snack of dried cranberries and almonds can be a huge calorie source when you donít carefully consider the quantity you consume. Avoid such mindless overeating to achieve your weight loss goal quickly.

Never skip meals

A healthy breakfast increases the rest metabolic rate. However, when you skip a meal, your blood sugar level is reduced drastically. Consequently, your metabolic rate is seriously hampered and you suffer hunger pangs. This may lead to unhealthy calorie binges or departures from your meal plan.

Opt for lean meats

Opt for fish and poultry that are low in fat instead of red meat. Fish like sardines, fresh tuna, and salmon are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These foods help you to lose weight, as well.

Limit intake of starches and added sugars, as well as animal fats

Maintain a personal food journal

This is absolutely essential if you are serious about losing weight. Make a note of every meal, drink, and snack you consume. Evaluate your food intake after the first week. Calculate the total number of calories you have consumed. From the second week onwards, calculate the number of calories in each meal as you eat it. Once you reach this stage, you will clearly know where to cut down on excess calories in your diet to achieve your weight loss goal.

Keep yourself busy

You will boost your metabolism.

Always plan all your meals well in advance

This will help you in limiting your calorie intake and incorporating more nutritious and healthy foods into your diet.

Use smaller plates

It will make smaller portions appear bigger.

Choose smart substitutes for unhealthy foods

Some of your favorite foods may contain unnecessary sugar, fat, and calories. Opting for healthier alternatives of these foods can help you stick to your weight loss plan.

Opt for low-calorie fruit juice

Avoid high-calorie drinks like energy drinks, soft drinks, martinis, and flavored coffees. Instead, drinking seltzer, 100% fruit juice, or water helps you to attain your weight loss goal faster.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Apart from being rich in vitamins and minerals, they will help make you feel full.

Don't skip meals

Keep track of what you're eating

Write everything down. It will help you feel you're in control.

Forget about fad diets

They don't give long-lasting effects.

Drink a lot of water

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