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How to lose belly fat?

Belly fat is the flab that surrounds the stomach and abdominal area. Not only is it unsightly, it has also been linked to numerous health issues like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. How to lose this fat that threatens your existence? Read on to find out.

Avoid snacking, especially in the evening

If you eat before you go to bed, you increase sugar levels in your body. Since you are about to sleep, you will not be able to burn this sugar and it is likely to turn to belly fat.

Get junk food out of your house

Sweets and other foods rich in sugar and saturated fat.

To lose belly fat, perform sprint intervals

Rather than performing slow cardio workouts, you should perform sprint intervals employing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Depending on your physical fitness goals, you can do it twice or thrice a week. This training releases potent fat-burning hormones.
For instance, sprint for 200 yards at the highest speed you can muster. Rest for a few minutes and sprint again another 200 yards. Rest again and repeat this sprint/rest cycle eight times. You can do this sprint/rest training on a treadmill, as well.

Eat low GI carbohydrates

GI = glycemic index. Low GI include oats, brown rice, and sweet potato.

Get active - walk, jog, run

Eat everything, but half portions

Pick exercises or activities which are fun to do, like team games or dancing

Start lifting weights

This will increase your muscles, and bigger muscles will help burn calories and fat faster.
Lifting weights alters your body’s hormone profile greatly. It’s changed from one that stores or stashes fat to one that consumes or burns fat. Begin by lifting dumbbells every alternate day. Increase your workload gradually. There’s no other exercise regimen as effective as weight training that influences your hormone profile.

Commit to one program

Belly fat, clinically termed as central obesity, is surplus fat in your abdomen region. Belly fat increases your risk of cardiovascular disease drastically.
Stop reading diverse magazines and browsing fitness-related publications. This prevents you from being confused and overwhelmed by a barrage of information overload. Commit to one program that works for you.

Get adequate sleep

When you work night-shifts, your body’s biorhythms are altered considerably, and you eat more. Your body produces more ghrelin — a hormone that stimulates hunger — resulting in uncontrollable cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Inadequate sleep alters the production of hormones in your body. Importantly, an increased cortisol — hormone that causes insulin sensitivity — level is the chief reason for belly fat. You should sleep for about seven hours each night to achieve your body shape goals swiftly.

Belly fat is related to what you don’t eat

Contrary to popular belief, your belly fat isn’t related to what you eat. Notwithstanding, your belly fat is directly related to the healthy foods that you don’t eat. Maintain a food log sheet to record all the foods you eat each day. Do this diligently for 30 days. This record will help you in restricting your food intake.

Avoid processed & packaged foods — completely

Remove all the processed and packaged foods in your house and donate them to a shelter. Avoid purchasing them in the future — altogether. You shouldn’t buy canned foods, as well. There’ll be times when you’ll be greatly tempted to buy them; especially, when you’re at supermarkets. However, you should resist this temptation.

Prepare a list of nutritious, healthy foods

Cook your food (meals) well in advance. To eat healthy foods consistently, this is an extremely important practice. The most common reason cited for not cooking meals is lack of time. If you’re serious about losing belly fat, manage your time prudently and cook all your meals.

Manage stress

 · 10 tips
Yoga, meditation, brisk walks in peaceful environments, and pursuing a hobby that genuinely delights you help you manage stress easily. These activities reduce your cortisol levels significantly.

To reduce belly fat, avoid high-calorie drinks

Avoid energy drinks, aerated soda, soft drinks, and sports drinks. Restrict your alcohol consumption. Drink generous amounts of water and keep your body well hydrated.

Consume antioxidant foods

Antioxidant foods reduce belly fat and slow down the aging process. Some antioxidant foods include green leafy vegetables, beans, berries, nuts, dark chocolate, and fruits. Antioxidant drinks include red wine, blueberry juice, concord grape juice, acai juice, black cherry juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, green tea, and apple juice.

Minimize or give up bad friendships/relationships

Negative, unsupportive people sabotage your physical fitness goals. Make yourself unavailable to negative-thinking individuals. They bring needless, avoidable controversy with them. On the contrary, you should endeavor to surround yourself with positive, energetic people who exude liveliness.

Organize your environment for a healthy lifestyle

Time is absolutely important. Utilizing time efficiently necessitates organizing your work and home environments perfectly. Hence, organizing your environments optimally not only saves you frustration but also saves you hours of time. Avoid sabotaging your productivity.

How to reduce belly fat — Super Foods

• Cauliflower, garlic, onions
• Sweet potatoes, yams, broccoli
• Avocados, red grapes, berries (all types)
• Flaxseed, almonds, walnuts
• Brussels sprouts
• Mushrooms, cabbage, tomatoes (cooked)
• Olive oil, coconut oil
• Eggs, salmon
• Green tea
 (max 60)

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