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How to look like a hipster?

How do I look like a hipster with my choice of clothes and hair?

Get a 40s haircut

A large majority of hipsters sport a haircut that is from the different decades. The 1940s haircut is easy to sport as long as you have wax.

Wear a Fedora

For some reason, hipsters like wearing this particular type of hat.

Get you clothes from thrift stores

Hipsters often wear old clothes from different eras. You can visit your local thrift store and pick out old clothes and make them new again.

Get sunglasses even if you don't have a bad eyesight

A lot of hipsters wear sunglasses despite having 20/20 vision.

Get a messenger bag as an accessory wherever you are going

It is imperative to have a bag that looks old. A messenger bag is a perfect accessory for most hipsters.
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