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How to learn to swim by yourself?

Aside from saving your life when you're unfortunately thrown into a deep body of water, swimming is also a good exercise that can trim off those excess flab and pounds. You can learn to swim by yourself by asking someone for help or enrolling in a reputable swimming school.

Enroll in a reputable swimming school

Swimming schools have legitimate coaches who can train you in the different swimming styles faster and more efficiently. They will also give you warm-up and cool down exercises to prevent muscle fatigue and injury.

Go to YouTube and learn from the tutorials

YouTube has some of the best channels on how to swim whether you are a beginner or you are an advanced swimmer

Ask someone for help

It can be really difficult and frustrating learning by yourself, especially starting from nothing. Why not ask a swimming friend to introduce you and give tips.

Use swimming floats to help with training

By holding to them you will be able to focus on your leg work.

Focus on one style at first

Usually the one you feel is coming to you most naturally

Record yourself and compare with videos

Best if your camera can record under water and you can ask someone for help.
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Learn to swim by yourself
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