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How to learn a dance?

What is the best dance for beginners?

Join a dance class

This is undoubtedly the best method of learning a dance style. However, ensure that you learn from a professional dancer. Never be afraid to join a dancing class just because you canít dance. The point of joining a dance class is to learn. Bear in mind that dance classes are expensive. Determine your budget before you join a dance class. There are several levels of dance classes, such as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or numbers like 1 to 5. Start to learn a dance style at the lowest level.

Look for easy routines of this style for learning dance

Look for simple routines of your chosen style on television or online. Watch attentively several of these routines, and determine the moves, rhythm, and beat. Then begin to copy the moves that the individual/individuals in the demonstration video are performing. If the dance style is to your liking, start practicing intensely.

Ask a friend, who can dance

If you have someone you can ask trusted to show you a few steps. You can try and practice without witnesses;)

Choose the style of dance youíd like to master

You can select a style of dance to master from among the innumerable styles of dance that exist. Narrowing down your attention on just two or three styles is ideal. This is much better than trying your hand at 12 different styles or routines. It may several weeks for you to spot the style you really like. Hence, donít be in a hurry about selecting a specific style of dance. Some currently popular styles are Salsa, Belly, Tango, Pole, Latin, Ballroom, Contemporary, Break dancing, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Jazz, Ballet, Foxtrot, and Swing.

Find dance school

Select the type of dance that you like and join to the dance classes

Loosen your hips

Learning how to dance is all in the hip movement followed by your steps.

You need commitment, practice, and dedication

Nobody is born with dancing abilities. Likewise, nobody can become a professional at dancing overnight. On the contrary, you need commitment, practice, and dedication to master dancing. Listed below are some useful tips thatíll help you to learn a dance.

Setting attainable goals makes it easy to learn a dance

As you make progress in learning your chosen dance style, set goals that are easily attainable. Improve your body movements and placements as you practice daily.

Watch video clip with dancers and start to move

A mirror can be useful.

Learn dancing at a place where youíre comfortable

When youíre just learning to dance, itís important that you practice at a place where youíre absolutely comfortable. This rule applies regardless of whether youíre dancing alone, with a small group, or with a partner. Some styles of dance cannot be enacted without a partner or a group. However, to learn a dance style correctly, you should begin by dancing alone.

Learn dancing at your own pace

When you look at the moves that professional dancers perform in demonstration videos, youíll be tempted to attain their level of perfection. However, you should realize that you can reach this level of perfection only with practice and patience. When you try to dance at a pace thatís too swift for you, youíll not enjoy learning or performing the moves. Similarly, if you find that the dance is too slow or lethargic, you should opt for moves that are much harder, or join a higher dance class.

Improve your coordination

Neuromuscular coordination is important especially when you are dancing.

Research your dance style

Learning a dance becomes much simpler when you conduct an extensive research about it. Look in books, movies, online, newspapers, on TV, and anywhere else that has information about your dance style. Read carefully and find out its history and origins.
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