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How to keep the beauty of your clothes?

Quality apparel are worthy investments that you can wear through the years. How to maintain their beauty? Read on to find out.

Check the label

Clothing labels have instructions on how to take care of your clothes, with washing and ironing temperatures included.

Use the right type and amount of soap

Sort your laundry according to fabric. Delicate ones like underwear, pantyhose and lace hankies need the mild soap. White cottons, linens and other heavy materials need detergent. Itís also recommended that you use less soap than what your wash load calls for to prevent fading.

Sort them out

Whites should always be separated from colored clothing. Fabrics that bleed must also be washed separately to prevent them from damaging other items. Itís also best to hang colored clothes in a shady area to prevent fading.

Remove stains immediately

New stains are easier to remove because the fabrics havenít fully absorbed them yet. Soap and water can remove most stains. Stubborn stains, on the other hand, are best removed with vinegar. Bleach can fade stains in white clothing. Never use it for colored fabrics.

Donít over-wash and over-dry

Assort your laundry according to fabric. A gentle cycle will do for delicate fabrics. You can also pre-wash heavily soiled garments. Donít over-dry your clothes either because this can damage their fabrics.

Beware of heat

Sunlight gives clothing that fresh, outdoor smell but it can fade fabrics as well. Thatís why experts recommend that garments be hang inside out. The same goes when ironing clothes. Always do the reverse side.

Store them properly

Use the right type of hangers for your clothes. Padded hangers are best for coats, dresses and denims. Plastic ones can be used for lighter materials. Donít crowd your closet as this can cause your clothes to rub against each other.

Skip the fabric conditioner

Experts say that fabric conditioner does more harm than good for you and your clothing. Itís because it contains toxic chemicals that leave harmful residues in our hair, skin and environment. For a natural fabric conditioner, try baking soda. You can also install a water softener if you wish.

Put delicate fabrics inside pillowcases

Do so to protect the elastics of your lingerie. This also minimizes the possibility of your delicates from hooking on each other.
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