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How to keep a conversation going?

A conversation, an informal talk between two or more people, can sometimes be awkward for not knowing what to say next. You can keep the conversation going by asking open-ended questions, starting new topics or talking about something you have in common.

Be a good listener

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Being a good listener is perhaps the best attribute of a good conversationalist. The only way you can keep track of what someone is saying is by listening to what that person is saying. A good conversation is a means of exchange of ideas. However, these ideas should be interconnected for a conversation to be meaningful. When you listen attentively to what the other person intends to convey, youll be able to retain vital information in your memory thatll help in keeping the conversation going.

Some important body language tips

Never cross your arms or legs. This may convey rudeness to the other person. Always maintain adequate eye contact taking care not to stare at the person with whom you are conversing. Keep your shoulders relaxed. If your shoulders are tense, this can indicate that you are tense. Additionally, nodding often during the conversation conveys that youre listening to the conversation. Leaning forward during the communication conveys that youre interested in the conversation, as well as, the person with whom you are conversing.

Be interested in what the other person has to say

Your face will let her know if you are genuinely listening or just pretending.

Understand what the other person likes to speak about

Different people like conversing about different topics. Knowing what the other person enjoys speaking about could make the difference between a lively conversation and a faltering one.

Ensure that your body language is conveying the right things

Usually, people note your body language as they are listening to your words. In fact, there is a 55%-38%-7% rule that has been developed about conversations. This rule states that 55% of a persons conversation skills depend on body language.

Project a sense of confidence

You must project a sense of confidence to the person with whom you are conversing. This helps you in keeping the conversation moving forward. Its no secret that people judge you by your level of internal confidence.

Be aware of all the important events happening in the world

When you run out of ideas to keep a conversation going, it can be helpful to speak about other interesting things that are happening in the world. You could say something like, Hey, did you know whats going on in Europe? The German prime minister has threatened to withdraw from the common currency, Euro. This is a good ploy to continue the conversation.

Talk about a thing you have in common

If you don't know what you have in common, try to find out.

Face the person with whom you are conversing

Never fidget. Always stay focused on the person with whom you are conversing.

Ask open-ended questions

For instance, instead of asking "Do you like it?", which can produce short "yes/no" reply, you can ask "What do you think about it?".

Maintain eye contact

Know about the person with whom you are conversing

Usually, people like speaking about something they know. Its easy to converse with a person if you know something about that persons job/career, family/friends, passion/hobby, or history/heritage. You can use any of this information about the person to keep a conversation going.

You can start new topics

When there is a silence remember what happened last and tell about it.

You can always say something about the weather...

It doesn`t matter if it is hot or cold...

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Keep a conversation going
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