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How to increase metabolism?

Metabolism, the chemical reactions that occur within and organism, plays an essential role in the sustenance of life. Metabolism can be increased by eating more protein, doing weight training and moving whenever you can.

Get moving whenever you can

If you choose to stand, rather than sitting, walk on the escalator rather than standing, or taking a staircase and not an elevator, you will burn calories and boost your metabolism.

Burn more calories through interval training

Interval training means combining low and high intensity workouts, for example running 100 steps at slow pace, with 100 steps at nearly maximum pace. This way you will burn more calories in the time after exercising, when you are resting.

Build more muscle through weight training

Every extra kg of muscle requires inreased energy just to maintain itself, which means with extra muscles you will burn more calories even when doing nothing

Eat often, even every 2-3 hours

A new meal requires your metabolism to go up. It's important that each meal is complete and full of nutrients, just smaller portions.

Don't skip your breakfast

Eat more protein

Burning protein is more energy intensive, and as such increases metabolism.

Drink cold drinks, such as iced water

They lower your body's temperature, which will need to respond to it by increasing the metabolic rate.

Exercise for over 30 minutes each time

Take spicy food

Is not necessarily hot chili. What I mean is spices like carry, black pepper but ya if you can enjoy the real spicy why not go for chili or you can use ginger like ginger tea

You can shift your slow metabolism into overdrive

Metabolism, your own personal trainer who works tirelessly, helps you burn calories. A faster metabolism automatically translates to more calories burned.
To a certain extent, your body’s metabolism hums along at a preset rate that’s at the mercy of your gender and genetics. However, you have an enormous amount of control over your metabolic rate. There’s plenty of wiggle space. You can burn 500—600 calories more each day by eating right and exercising properly. Besides, you need to make a few lifestyle changes.

To increase metabolism, keep your body well-hydrated

Water helps in the optimal functioning of your metabolism. It accomplishes this by providing your kidneys, the body’s fundamental filtration mechanism, with adequate hydration. Deprivation of sufficient water to the kidneys slows them down considerably. Besides, inadequate water taxes your liver needlessly.
Basically, your liver turns stored fat to usable energy. Inadequate water hinders your liver’s fat metabolizing action. Drinking 8 glasses of water every day speeds up your liver and increases your metabolic rate.

Keep your calcium levels on the higher side

Even a slight drop in calcium levels results in your body retaining fat. Ensure that your body’s everyday calcium requirement is met by consuming low-fat dairy, yogurt, cheese, tofu, salmon, and oatmeal regularly.

Give up your drinking habit — altogether

Late night cocktails and happy hours can have a deleterious effect on your metabolism the following day. Your metabolic rate will dip drastically, and this is further accentuated by hangover cravings. Excessive consumption of alcohol results in dehydration and consequent weight gain. Your body treats alcohol like a toxin and quickly expels it. This process is accompanied by the loss of essential minerals like potassium and sodium.

To increase metabolism, manage your stress levels

Increased stress levels result in an increased amount of cortisol — the stress hormone — in your bloodstream. Cortisol causes your body to retain fat in stressful situations. This inhibits your metabolism appreciably. Yoga or meditation helps you in managing and lowering your stress levels.

Decrease diet soda consumption

Even though diet soda is low in calories and makes for a good alternative to high calorie beverages, it has a harmful effect on your metabolism. Limit your consumption of diet soda to fewer than two cans a week. You should opt for water and seltzer as they speed up your metabolic rate.

Get adequate sleep — every night

For maintaining an optimal metabolic rate, it’s absolutely vital that you sleep for a minimum of 7—8 hours every night. Anything less can adversely hinder your body’s capability to burn calories. Amazingly, excess sleep also does the same thing. Therefore, it’s ideal to maintain a consistent bedtime. You should go to sleep and rise up at about the same time each day.

Spend sufficient time in natural sunlight every day

Spending time in natural sunlight increases metabolism significantly. The best time for this is between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Take a brisk walk during your lunch-break. Soaking up the sun rays revs up your heart-rate, as well. Besides, your body benefits from the fresh air.

To increase metabolism, work-out in the cold

Performing any cardio exercise in cold weather enhances the capability of brown fat in your body to function at optimal capacity. Besides, brown fat burns the “bad” white fat in your body efficiently.

Drink Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea, manufactured from the acclaimed Kombucha black mushroom, eases arthritis and detoxifies your liver. The detoxifying attribute of this beverage increases your metabolic rate and helps your body function optimally.

Increase your Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) intake

Vitamin C works closely with calcium in increasing your metabolic rate. Vitamin C increases metabolism by helping your body absorb calcium.
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