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How to improve your online presence?

The sooner you accept that gimmicks, put-ons, and shortcuts to enhance your online presence are nonexistent, the quicker you’ll make some genuine progress.

To improve online presence, complete your online profile

A complete online profile with clearly listed contact information and web address makes it easier for people to reach you. It’s mandatory that all your potential subscribers, followers, fans, and customers know precisely how to locate you.

To improve your online presence, upload your photograph

People feel comfortable interacting with real people. Upload a nice photograph. Google values content with author photos and ranks it higher.

Enact a clear-cut “Call-to-Action”

Influencing readers of your forum posts, shares, and tweets requires a clear-cut call-to-action. Essentially, you offer them helpful guidance on what they need to know for advancing forward. For instance, you may be giving your readers an e-book or some other items for free. Nevertheless, in order to get this free item, you’ll have to implement a call-to-action in which your followers will have to either subscribe to your RSS feed, follow you on social media, or sign up for your newsletter.

Chalk out a schedule & adhere to it

Interact with your followers regularly. Adhering to a strict schedule is challenging. However, maintaining a regular stream of interesting emails, posts, and tweets ensures that your online presence improves substantially. As soon as your readers/followers realize that they are interacting with a “real” person, they’ll be hooked to your posts and will look forward to them eagerly.

To improve your online presence, link all your posts

Make optimum use of all your content by employing hyperlinks generously. Additionally, you must paste your URL into all your tweets and updates.

Deliver useful, authentic content

Connect with human audience. Share valuable information. Strive sincerely to be a part of people’s everyday lives. You gain their trust when they follow your page, post or blog faithfully. Gradually, you’ll become part of their bank accounts, too.

Create your own newsletter

If you’re serious about enhancing your online presence, building your own e-mail list is indispensable. Any serious mishap in the social networks would cut you off from all your followers instantly. To avoid this, create a compelling newsletter. Offer it for free to only your followers upon subscription. You build an e-mail list that’ll enable you to interact directly with your followers.

Offer, offer, offer ? Generously

People love free offers. Currently, social entrepreneurs are offering 10-15 page e-books for baiting potential customers. Once your subscribers are content with your “content”, they’ll not hesitate to pay for your books. Alternatively, you can consider hosting a giveaway, or offering steep discounts on your services. Your followers will lap it up willingly!

Use hashtags

Hashtags deliver immense value. The optimal use of this trifling sign enhances your social media presence significantly. Employ hashtags related to your industry to tweet about your most recent e-book, blog, or service. You automatically promote your product or service to millions of people interested in your niche. Additionally, creating innovative hashtags and hosting weekly or fortnightly twitter chats enhances your online presence.

Participate in online conversations

Begin an online conversation or participate in an ongoing one. Initially, participate in general conversations on topics in which you’re proficient. You not only learn many new things, but also make new friends.

Key attributes that improve your online presence

• Visibility: Target your most appropriate audience.
• Reliability: Ensure that your business website is user-friendly. Make it resourceful and beneficial to your visitors.
• Current: Learn and follow the most recent online best practices.
• Social Networking: Make optimum use of the social media websites by focusing your activity on the networks that people in your niche favor.
• Visual Appearance: Evaluate the precise manner in which your brand/name is being perceived.
• Content: Update your posts, blogs, and other web content regularly.

To improve your online presence, update your website

Unlike a printed publication, the content of your website is not fixed and static. Once your content has been fashioned, you must update it regularly. Your written text and your images must be fresh. Take inspiration from the finest websites in your niche and give your website the requisite facelift. Make your website attractive, user-friendly, and compelling. This will improve your online presence and drive more business.

Ensure that your website functions across diverse browsers

Make certain that your website’s functionality across all platforms and versions, such as, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Explorer is absolutely smooth. Ensure that it functions on mobile devices, too. A mobile website drives additional business because mobile users can access your website.

Use Google Adwords profitably

Google Adwords attracts business. Review your keywords to derive maximum advantage. Ensure their effectiveness in driving more traffic to your business website.

Incorporate videos in your business website

Videos enhance your online presence. The competition for videos is considerably lesser than it is for text. Since YouTube is linked with Google, your videos will rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This galvanizes your business, too.

Blog more frequently

Blogs, the lifeblood of businesses, are an integral part of online success. Blogs are akin to the latest news. They keep your readers interested and notify the search engines, as well. Just a few months of weekly blog posts helps you build a catalogue of helpful content in your niche.

Use social media optimally

Everyone knows the positive benefits of social media in enhancing your online presence. Nevertheless, you should be extremely cautious about squandering valuable time here. Connect with your readers, acquaintances, potential customers, and other enterprises in your niche through social networking sites. Target social media sites that people in your niche favor the most. Use your time judiciously.

To improve your online presence, create Your Google+ Page

Adding Google+ to all your social networks boosts your online presence substantially. Google+ provides surefire avenues to derive maximum leverage from the Author Rank parameter. Google credits original authors of content with higher ranks.
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