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How to improve your mood when you're feeling down?

Everybody experiences pain and loneliness at one time or another. If youíre feeling down, try to talk to a friend, go shopping or take a walk outside to improve your mood.

Don't do anything that'll worsen your mood further

Everything looks gloomy and terrible when youíre in a foul mood. Nothing interests you and youíre reluctant to speak to others or go out. At such times, youíre intent on doing anything thatíll worsen your mood further. The sight of happy, carefree people whoíre having fun is the last thing you want to see. A part of you has kept you captive in your bad mood and isnít willing to let go.

Change your physiology, lift your energy levels

Rather than slouch your body, take a deep breath and bring your shoulders back. Hold your chin high. Youíll feel your energy level lift as you do this. You just canít assist your foul mood actively when your body language is optimistic.

Push away the depressing thoughts

Youíre the only person whoís endowed with the capacity of taming and mastering your thoughts. Develop self-discipline and think of other positive things or read something thatís interesting. Sing a joyful song, listen to good music, and whistle. Do anything that lifts you up from the depressing thoughts that are keeping you down.

Understand the things thatíll lift you up

Improving your mood depends vastly on understanding how to shift to the positive mindset from a negative mindset. You should focus on pulling your thought pattern out of the negative tailspin that youíve permitted it to enter.

Understand your physiology when youíre in a bad mood

Frowning, slumping, shallow breathing, and looking down are some typical physiological patterns you exhibit when youíre in a bad mood. Your thought flow assists this whole process with tales of self-pity and hopelessness. Your mind is battered with negative feelings akin to something thatís going to last forever. Undoubtedly, all these negative feelings not only push your mood further down, but also strive to keep it there.

Compel your mind to express gratitude for what you have

Force yourself to be thankful for all your wonderful possessions. Write down the things youíre grateful for owning and read this list whenever youíre feeling low. This acts like a magic potion that improves your mood when youíre feeling down.

Listen to your favorite music

Take a short walk outside

Find out why you are feeling sad in the first place

If you know what is causing your bad mood, then that is the first step to addressing the problem. Once you know what it is, then it will be easier to deal with.

Talk to a friend

Change your facial expression from a scowl to Smile

Some people find it tough to smile even when theyíre happy. However, you can shrug off your bad mood just by smiling it away. Itís difficult to smile when youíre not feeling joyful. However, your smile releases endorphins (happiness hormones) directly into your brain. This lifts your mood, and itís easier to shrug off the bad mood. Hence, you should keep the smile going until your foul mood has cleared.

Laugh when youíre feeling down

Laughter, acclaimed as the most nutritious food for the soul, unquestionably brightens up your mood regardless of your frame of mind prior to your laughing episode. Watching a comedy show on television should spark you to laugh away your blues.


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Sometimes, the best thing to when we feeling down is to get rid of all the pent up energy you have. Running or going to gym will certainly help with this.

Find a hobby

Finding something else to do when you are feeling down is one way to help your mood. A hobby ensures that your energy is being channeled into something positive.

Go to the cinema

Maybe shopping

sometimes it helps :)
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Improve your mood when you're feeling down
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