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How to help your child with painful teething?

Tender, swollen gums render your child’s life miserable. Listed below are some valuable tips on how to help your child suffering with painful teething problems.

Use cold things to soothe sore gums

Cold compresses and foods alleviate your child’s sore gums exactly the way that ice numbs pain and reduces swelling on a sprained ankle. Chill a wet washcloth by packing it in a plastic bag and placing it in the freezer for about one hour. For delivering instant pain relief, you should soak the washcloth in chamomile tea, which has proven ability to calm fussy infants. Since the fabric gently massages the ridges in your child’s gums and numbs the pain, your child will be delighted to munch on the washcloth. The only disadvantage of using this method of relieving pain during teething is that it can’t be used on extremely young children because it can prove to be a choking hazard.

Use a refrigerated teether or pacifier

Whenever using a cold compress isn’t feasible, teethers can be used to alleviate pain during teething. Avoid storing the teether in the freezer, since it gets extremely hard when frozen. This might cause damage to your child’s gums. Refrigerate the teether for some time so that its temperature is comfortable for your child. Teethers with plastic handles are the most suitable for your child as they prevent the child’s hands from getting cold. Alternatively, if your child is old enough, you can grasp one end of a large cold carrot while your child gnaws on the other.

Exert pressure on the gums

Children with painful teething benefit from pressure on their gums because it distracts their brain sufficiently away from the uncomfortable sensation of painful teething. If your child does not favor refrigerated teethers, you can try teethers at room temperature. Chewing on a teether at room temperature exerts the necessary pressure on the gums. Fancy teethers that vibrate are available in the market. You can opt for the teether that’s most suitable for your child.


When your baby needs relief from painful teething, your doctor may recommend an over-the-counter drug like acetaminophen. For infants older than 6 months, ibuprofen is the ideal painkiller for reducing the inflammation in gums. Aspirin shouldn’t be used to treat children less than 19 years.

Topical medications

Topical anesthetics, available in drugstores, are numbing gels or creams that can be applied on your child’s gums to soothe teething pain. However, you should desist from using topical medications containing benzocaine because they’re not safe for teething children.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic teething tablets and drops help your child recover from painful teething. In homeopathy, an active ingredient is diluted repeatedly until it’s almost undetectable. The resultant medication stimulates healing in the child.
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Help your child with painful teething
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