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How to help save the environment?

Going green reduces your energy costs immensely. There are numerous ways of conserving the environment and you can undoubtedly contribute positively towards it.

Turn off lights & electrical appliances

Never forego any opportunity to conserve energy. Switch off anything in your home that utilizes electric power when you arenít using it. Laptop connectors, cell phone chargers, televisions, stereo systems, DVD players, and dish antennae consume power even when you arenít using them. Likewise, electric points with fused bulbs will consume electricity if you inadvertently leave the switch on.
You can save quite a bit of energy in your home by diligently keeping an eye on all the electrical points.

Adjust the thermostat in your water heater

Lower the temperature setting in your electric geyser or water heater to 115?120 degrees Fahrenheit (46?48įC). Wrap the geyser or heater in an insulated blanket. This lowered setting ensures that you save significantly on your energy bills.

Unplug your treadmill

Your treadmill, an extravagant power glutton, increases your power consumption needlessly. If the weather is clear, walk or jog in the neighborhood park. Reducing your energy utilization helps save the environment.
Thermal power plants release pollutants into the air during the process of power generation. By using power sparingly, youíre directly contributing to the upkeep of the environment.

To help save the environment, recycle everything

Thereíre countless items that you can recycle. Steel cans, aluminum cans, electronics, cardboard boxes, plastics, computer parts, glass products, clothing, tin tie plates, aluminum foils, and used motor oil are some of the key items that must be recycled. Ink cartridges, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs are also recyclable.

To help save the environment, recycle paper

Recycling paper translates to saving trees. Newspapers, office papers, junk mail, catalogues, telephone books, and magazines should be collected carefully and recycled. Conserving paper curtails the number of trees that are cut down. This directly helps in saving the environment.

Use renewable energy sources

In most nations, a huge percentage of electricity demand is fulfilled by burning fossil fuels. This results in the emission of greenhouse gases. Additionally, it leads to higher pollution levels in the environment. An average household energized by a coal utility will consume several tons of coal a year. By opting for renewable energy (for instance, solar or wind power), the decrease in pollution for each household would be comparable to planting 400 trees.

Use your dryer only during the rainy season

Use the old-fashioned clothesline for drying your clothes. This method of drying clothes is environmentally friendly, and your clothes smell fresh and pleasant. Tumble dryers are one of the biggest energy guzzlers in most households. If you are forced to employ a tumble dryer due space constraints, ensure that its vent is clear.

Use your air conditioner sparingly

If possible, avoid using an air conditioner altogether. Air conditioners are undoubtedly the biggest guzzlers of electricity in households and commercial establishments. Whenever possible, make the optimal use of natural ventilation or a fan. If you have to use the air conditioner, set the temperature setting in your air conditioner at a slightly higher temperature to save power.

Switch to LED or compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs

These bulbs are slightly more expensive than the conventional tungsten lamps and fluorescent glass tubes. Nevertheless, these sophisticated lamps last several times longer than their conventional counterparts. Besides, they consume only one-fourth the energy when compared to the conventional bulbs.
The environment-friendly LED lighting is relatively high-priced. However, this type of lighting lasts a lifetime and consumes the least amount of power among all the light bulbs.

Fit skylights in your home

Skylights, windows fitted on your ceiling, provide extra illumination inside your home. They reduce your electricity bills greatly. Besides, some skylights generate power by converting sunlight into electricity.

Load your washing machine ? fully

This is another power-saving trick you can employ in your home. It conserves water and saves your time.

Use solar-powered appliances

The solar-powered stove, solar-powered flashlight, and universal charger are some of the solar-powered gadgets you can use to help save the environment. Presently, great progress has been achieved in the development of cars energized by solar-power. Using solar-powered appliances permits you to harness the naturally available heat energy of the sun. This reduces our dependency on batteries considerably.

Avoid using plastic bags

When buying your everyday essentials, stop using plastic bags. Bring your own cloth bag or paper bag. Plastic bags are not biodegradable. They are extremely harmful to the environment because they take hundreds of years to decompose.
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