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How to help a child develop self-confidence?

A self-confident child is equipped with the tools necessary for achieving success and leadership later on in life. You can raise your child's confidence level by loving him with all your heart, praising him and making him feel that you'll always be there for him no matter what.

Love everything about him

Doing so will make him feel confident that somebody will be there to love him regardless of who he is and what he cannot do.

Do not label your child

Making fun of your child’s name and labeling him as “Lazy Joe” or “Careless Sam” will condition his mind that he is indeed as lazy or careless as you say. He may even live up to it.

Don’t compare him with others

Comparing him with others will give him an idea that he is better or poorer than his siblings or peers. Make him understand that you love him for what he is and not because of his characteristics or performance.

Never ridicule your child

Never make fun of your child, especially in front of others. This makes him feel unloved and degraded. You yourself wouldn’t feel good about being laughed at, would you?

Do not yell at him

Shouting at him for every little mistake will make him feel dumb and stupid and make him feel unworthy of your respect and attention.

Believe in him

Always make him feel that you are his number one fan who believes that he can do anything and everything. If he succeeds, praise him; if he fails, encourage him to practice more often and try again.

Never compare the child to anyone else

It is important at this point that he establishes his confidence by not looking at himself to other people.

Play with him often

Playing with your child makes him feel that he is worth your valuable time. It’s also the best time when he can confide his secrets with you because he feels that you are as trustworthy as his playmates.

Tell him stories of success and how hardship is necessary

Hardship is necessary for any child to experience in order to mold his personality.

Praise him often

Saying something good about your child at least four times a day increases his feeling of self-worth.

Encourage him to play with others

Children need peer groups to hone their leadership skills, express their feelings and feel what it’s like to be a part of a group.

Choose activities that are appropriate to his age level

Suitable activities challenge your kid’s mental ability only up to his age level and give him a sense of accomplishment and achievement upon completion.

You have to get him to special classes

Children with additional training tend to have more confidence than those who don't.
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Help a child develop self-confidence
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