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How to have a happy holiday season?

A happy holiday season, a time for sharing and receiving gratitude, brings so much joy. You shouldn’t let the busy & noisy activity of gift-shopping consume you.

To have a happy holiday season, seek experiences

You derive more happiness & joy from experiences than from mere material gifts. Whether it’s riding in a toy train with your children, partying with your family and friends in your backyard, staying in homes away from your home, enjoying a weekend beach getaway with your spouse, relishing a candlelight dinner with your family, or savoring a super low-key potluck dinner with your friends, you should consciously seek joyous experiences.
Avoid seeking the best experiences only in the most expensive cruise ships, the most exotic tourist spots, the most enjoyable jungle safari, or the most exquisite beaches. Your high-profile, well-planned holiday may fizzle out and may not be as joyous as you anticipated it to be.

Plan & prepare for a happy holiday season

Write down your plans. Visualize your plans vividly and think of what you’ve to do to fulfill them. Live your plans. Your happy holiday season plans should include action steps and desired results. Post/paste your plan where you can see it. Plans are akin to roadmaps that take you to your destination.

Postpone unimportant activities

Be proactive and strive to take charge of all your activities. Deal with an activity that’s not urgent by simply postponing it. Don’t think twice about suggesting an alternative time to sort out, evaluate, or discuss it. Taking complete charge of your life ensures that you’ll be at peace.

Don’t anticipate a perfect holiday season

Instead, be prepared for some unexpected bumps along the way. Visualize yourself handling them calmly and without difficulty. Most often, these bumps just add to the overall splendid memory of the holiday season.
Expecting a perfect holiday season that’s flawless only adds to your stress.

Practice patience ? Consciously

Patience, a virtue in most cultures, is a powerful attribute that delivers happiness ? always. Regardless of whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras, Carnevale, Christmas, Chanukah, Oktoberfest, or Kwanza, exercising patience promises you a good time. Taking several deep breaths calms you down amidst the chaotic noise of the celebrations.
This is undoubtedly much easier said than done. Nevertheless, it’s powerful. Make the effort and you’ll find that you invariably progress in developing patience.

Some helpful tips on practicing patience

You should understand that patience and deep breathing are closely intertwined.
• Breathe deep … several times. Continue for several minutes.
• Count to 10, 100, or 200. Create maximum distance between your emotions and your responses.
• Pray and avow often your favorite phrase or scripture that effectively delivers you more “control” over Yourself.
• Write every night about your personal dreams, hopes, struggles, and anxieties. Jettisoning the things that are bottled within you relieves your stress considerably. This helps you develop patience.
• Remind yourself frequently: “I am a patient individual”. When you do this, you speak to your subconscious mind.

Opt for giving alternative gifts

Tickets to the zoo, rechargeable battery kit, digital memory card case, universal remote, laptop case, iPhone case, and a special music mix CD are some alternative gifts you can give to children. You don’t have to give gifts that are extremely expensive to make your holiday season a delightful one.

Never delegate purchasing Christmas gifts for your spouse

Regardless of the importance of the project you’re engaged in, you should never delegate purchasing Christmas gifts for your family members to anyone. This is a surefire method of inviting family grief. You are the best person to buy gifts for your spouse and children. You know their tastes, likes, and favorite colors better than anyone else.

Don’t drown yourself in work ? Buy gifts

Don’t get overly engrossed in your work. Make time to buy gifts for your family members and friends amidst your tight schedule. Your gifts need not be expensive. Buy something that each person will genuinely like. They will not forgive you if you forget to buy gifts for them (especially kids).

Don’t get impatient

If the whole family is engaged in a slow activity that you find boring, don’t upset the harmony by blurting out something like, “Let’s hurry up”. You’ll invariably ruin the holiday spirit.
For instance, if your family members are decorating the Christmas tree (and taking an excessively long time), you should just stay calm even if you find it irritating. You should avoid saying something like, “Don’t bother with the stupid color bulbs. I am hungry.”
This will instantaneously result in your happy family turning to a pack of dogs baying for your blood. Hence, even if you’re tempted to blurt out things that aren’t appropriate, you should exercise restraint.

Don’t forget important things

If you forget anything during the holiday season, it will be akin to a workplace-related crisis. For instance, “forgetting” to cook the Christmas turkey is inviting disaster upon yourself. After inviting a dozen people for dinner, you’ll be running around in circles if you forget something as important as this.

Avoid arranging “surprise” holiday season events

Don’t surprise your family members by springing unexpected holiday season events on them. For instance, you should avoid inviting your coworkers for a Boxing Day lunch and not keeping your family informed about it. These kinds of surprises aren’t going to make your family members happy.

Avoid arranging business meetings during the holiday season

A holiday season is the time when people take time off and relax. You’ll only ruin your family’s holiday season if you arrange business meetings during this time.

To have a happy holiday season, switch off your cell phone

Avoid spending your whole holiday season in making or answering business calls. Do not irritate your family members by excusing yourself several times during a family meal. Avoid checking your email, answering voicemail messages, or catching up with office work (even if they are tremendously important). All these activities will only ruin your holiday season.
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