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How to get rid of bed bugs?

Bed bugs, those blood-sucking, horrible parasites that thrive in mattresses, sofas and other furniture, are one of the nastiest and hardest to eliminate creatures in this planet. But it can be done. How? Read on to find out.

Do not eat inside the bedroom

Bugs live on the leftovers that you do not notice. Make sure that you have focused mainly on the cleanliness of your room. You can avoid this by not eating anything inside the room and only on a designated area which is the kitchen.

Clean the place first

If you are not cleaning the place first, you may be getting in trouble because of the fact that there are some environments where the bugs can multiply.

Get a pest exterminator

Pest exterminator can trace the problem. Most of the bed bugs don't just come from your bed.

Watch what you eat inside the bedroom

If you are eating anything inside the bedroom, make sure that you are not making a mess.

Use kerosene and apply on your foam

These chemicals though can leave a bad smell. You need to make sure that you know keep it off the bedroom for quite some time.

Evaluate if there is anything else that is affected

Infestation would typically affect a great number of furniture. Know what are the furniture that has to be fixed.

Know to get the foam on your yard during noon

If it is the summer, it is the best time to get rid of bed bugs. In fact, it the heat of the sun could eliminate bed bugs. It would take days though.
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