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How to get donations for a nonprofit organization?

Non-profit organizations need money to promote their cause and meet their recurring expenditure. To bring in money, these organizations need to …

Start with your family and friends

You can ask your family and friends to support you in this endeavor. Tell them how much it means to you and that they will be supporting a worthy cause that will improve the lives of your clients.

Develop a feasible plan

Firstly, the non-profit entity needs to create a feasible business plan to get donations. Compose your non-profit’s marketing section carefully. Explain how your entity will persuade donors. Fashion the management section methodically. Explain how board members will handle everyday operations. In the financial section, describe in great detail how you’ll manage the cash.

Figure out the best incentives that lead people to donate

Offer advertisements to enterprises that support your organization’s cause on your newsletters, magazines, and website. Providing philanthropic individuals tax write-off forms would be another attractive incentive. Think of other incentives to attract people to donate for your entity’s cause.

Request for money

A non-profit organization must ask. As the popular saying rhymes, “The squeaky wheel receives the grease,” you must learn to ask. Create inexpensive posters, business cards, flyers, and brochures. Use these materials to appeal for money from donors. Door-to-door canvassing increases revenues in some areas. You can request for funds from small enterprises, corporations, and philanthropic individuals.

Apply for grants

Applying for grants is an effective solution to get donations for a non-profit organization. Grants are available at the local, state, as well as, federal levels. In 2011, an astounding $607 billion in grants was approved by the federal government. To enhance the prospects of your entity receiving grant money, hire a veteran who’s well-versed in grant writing. Check out government websites that sanction grants (e.g.

Use compelling imagery: Replicate The Red Cross

Compelling images strike the right cord. Humans are basically visual beings. They like to “visualize” or “see” the things they purchase. That explains why e-Commerce stores use product images generously. That’s precisely the reason brick and mortar stores will never become extinct. Check the manner “The Red Cross” accomplishes this. They let people “see” the exact value and impact their donations make. Likewise, use compelling imagery on your non-profit website, flyers, brochures, newsletters, magazines, and business cards to appeal to people’s wallets (and hearts, too).

To get donations, be transparent

Donors desire to know where their money is going and how it’s being used. Today, people expect non-profits to maintain the highest standards of transparency. Maintain proper accounts and show clearly the impact your enterprise is making.
Rather than trusting charitable organizations blindly, people visit Charity Navigator. People want to know the overhead expenses for each donation you receive. They’re keen to know the precise percentage of funds that you spend on charity.

Display your financials prominently

With calls for transparency in non-profits financial and standards of excellence hitting all-time highs, you must display your financial statements in the front and center of your website. Each of your donation forms “must” clearly display a breakdown of the allocations to different areas of your work. If you’re serious about getting funds for your non-profit organization, take transparency to the next level.

Top tips to get donations for a non-profit organization

• Bolster your leadership
• Ensure the optimal engagement of your Board of Directors
• Get a more profound understanding of your non-profit enterprise
• Prepare for meaningful transitions
• Strive to improve decision-making
• Go all out to minimize risk
• Make an effort to strengthen evaluation
• Encourage fundraising activities, as well as, resource development
• Choose the path to excellence

Use special events to improve cash flow

Use special events to expand your current donor base. For instance, if your non-profit needs $75,000, find 75 individuals who’re willing to donate $1,000. Offer each donor a special gift that’s worth at least 10 percent of their donation. You can also plan a reception, a dinner, a tournament or other activities. Regardless of what you do, take the overall economic scenario into consideration.

To get donations, plan targeted campaigns

Implement a special project for your fundraising program. Contact your current and prospective donors. Explain to them the significance of the campaign and your chief goal for the money you’re raising. Prepare effective fundraising letters asking donors for money.
For instance, if you intend to target high school students at risk of dropping out of school, your campaign can place requests for funds for a specific high school that you have pinpointed as needing the funds desperately. Ensure that the donations collected go to the specified cause. Accomplishing this successfully builds a good reputation within the community. You’ll gain a list of active donors whom you can tap for a future campaign.

To get donations, organize a gala

Sell tickets for admission to the gala. Even though the ticket sales serve as a fundraiser, the money that’s donated through festivities at the gala will be the prime reason for the event. Arrange a fancy dinner with the active participation of donors who have helped your non-profit. Organize an auction of donated items. Enlist the services of a professional musician who’s willing to donate time at your gala. Create an atmosphere that encourages attendees to give generously.

Use electronic media to elicit donations

Incorporate donation capabilities into your non-profit website so that donors can transfer money via all debit and credit cards. Build the profile pages of your non-profit on all acclaimed social networking sites. Update your pages frequently. Start small campaigns in the social media by requesting your followers for a $5 donation to assist a particular cause your charity supports. Encourage your followers to join by updating the amount collected in real time. Set a deadline on donating. Rally visitors to your social media profile pages and non-profit website to help you reach the targeted amount.

Understand the vital role that recognition plays

Remember to appreciate donors for their contributions. Thank them in a memorable manner. Opt for a personal handwritten thank you note over a standard letter of appreciation. Make a telephone call to thank leading donors. Publish names of donors (make an exception when donors request anonymity) in your newsletter. Positive donor recognition leads to regular support of all your non-profit activities.

Treat fundraising as a team game

Involve all your staff members and everyone associated with your camp in fundraising activities. Remember, fundraising is a team effort which becomes much simpler and enjoyable when numerous hands are involved. Your campers can assist you by marketing fund-raising products and by collecting auction donations. Parents of campers can offer fresh corporation contacts for you. Motivate your board of directors to lead fundraising efforts by setting exemplary personal examples in donations of time, money, or items.

To get donations, release timely press releases

Releasing online and offline press releases is another excellent means of garnering donations for your non-profit. The primary goal of releasing a press release is to garner free publicity. Publicize the inauguration of your new office, a gala event in a local auditorium, or reach out to people in an outright, straightforward call to action. Urge them to support you whether through invaluable volunteering or financial assistance.
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