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How to get big biceps?

Biceps, composed of a set of muscles in your arms, bulge out when they are flexed. Repeating the same exercises again and again makes the biceps grow in size. Listed below are some of the exercises and other techniques to follow to get big biceps.

Begin with dumbbell curls

Stand with your feet spread slightly apart. Hold dumbbells in both hands. Extend your arms fully downwards and turn your palms in. From this position, curl the dumbbells towards your chest. Perform 6 and 8 reps of this exercise. Do 2 sets in the first week. Start doing 3 sets from the second week onwards.

Start doing incline dumbbell curls

This exercise can be done sitting on a workout chair inclined at 45 degrees. Hold the dumbbells with your hands extended at your sides. With your feet on the ground, curl up one dumbbell until it is line with your shoulder. Ensure that your elbow is bent completely. Lower your hand slowly to its starting position. Alternate your hands.

Do chin-ups and pull-ups

These exercises are the most important biceps exercises. Chin-ups and pull-ups are excellent exercises to get big biceps. Grip an overhead bar firmly with both your hands. Your hands must be placed apart at a shoulder-width distance and your palms must be facing towards you. Lift your body till your chin is above your hands. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. Lower your body gradually. Do 8 reps and 2 sets of this exercise. Increase to 12 reps and 3 sets after a few weeks.

Never use momentum for lifting weights

To get big biceps, avoid using momentum for lifting weights. Instead, use controlled movements. Lower the weights slowly. Never let the weights down quickly.

Start doing concentration curls

For doing the concentration curls, sit with your feet slightly apart. Hold the dumbbell with your right hand. Rest your right elbow on the inside of your right knee. Curl the dumbbell upwards towards your chest. Don’t move your elbow. Place your left hand on your left leg for support. Do 6 and 8 reps of this exercise and 2 sets. Do this exercise for your left hand, as well.

Reduce intake of high-calorie foods

High-calorie foods tend to build a layer of fat in your body which obscures your biceps. Opt for a nutritious wholesome diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Increase the weight of dumbbells slowly

Later, start increasing the weight of dumbbells gradually. You can use barbells or kettlebells instead of dumbbells.

Increase the weights gradually

Do 6 and 8 reps and 2 sets as in the regular dumbbell curls. After a few weeks, increase the number of sets and weights gradually. The weights for the inclined position may be slightly lesser than the weights for the regular dumbbell curls.

Never train every day; train on alternate days

Your biceps need rest for their growth and rejuvenation. Hence, training on alternate days is the best option. On the days that you are resting your biceps, you can exercise other muscles of your body.

Spot your “Train to failure” weight

The “train to failure” weight is the weight which leaves you extremely fatigued when you curl it 6 or 8 times.

Increase the intensity of the chin-ups

The intensity of the chin-ups exercise can be increased by wearing a weighted belt. You could add more weight to this belt as you build your biceps.

Use the right form

Using the right form, lift your “train to failure” weight. When you use the right form, this weight can be easily handled without straining the biceps very much.
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