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How to get a scholarship?

A scholarship can help you to pursue higher education at a relatively reduced cost.

Collect all the material to be presented

You will need the originals and photocopies of the following: Test Scores, Transcripts, Detailed Financial Information, Income Tax Returns, Financial Aid Forms, Essays, Scholarship forms, Letters of Recommendation, Proof of Eligibility, Details of Previous Scholarships, and any other document requested by the sponsor.

Scrutinize the conditions of different scholarships offered

Read the conditions of the different scholarships offered by various schools carefully. Thoroughly acquaint yourself with all the requirements. In case of doubts or clarifications, contact the sponsors or school authorities directly.

Complete your scholarship applications

The Letter of Recommendation, signed by the head of the department or the principal of your school, must focus on your extra-curricular activities, talents, grades, community service, and other special skills. Write your Statement of Purpose clearly and concisely. You can revise it a few times if necessary. Be prepared with a near-perfect Statement of Purpose.

Send your application early

If you are submitting your scholarship application by post, send it by a secure postal service. Ensure that the application reaches its destination weeks or days ahead of the deadline. Remember that only complete applications that reach on time are considered favorably.

Proofread the applications & check for grammatical errors

Ensure that your application is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Complete the Application form. Do not leave any column blank. Fill the application form correctly. Do not exceed the word count limit in any column.

Continue applying for other scholarships, as well

Do not stop after sending one application for a scholarship. There’s no guarantee that you will get it. Besides, you will know the result of your application only after several months. Hence, continue to apply to other scholarships for which you are eligible.

Start researching about various scholarships early

Starting your hunt for financial aid and scholarship early is vital. The earlier you start, the better your chances of success in your endeavor. The cut-off dates in many schools and universities offering financial aid and scholarships end six months before the courses commence.

Take photocopies

Take photocopies of all the papers related to your scholarship application form. This will help you in maintaining a proper record.

After your scholarship is sanctioned, thank the sponsors

Lastly, don’t forget to thank the sponsors for granting you the scholarship.

Understand why scholarships are offered

Scholarships are offered mainly because most of the schools are flush with endowment funds. However, the disbursement is made only to the most deserving and qualified students.

Getting a scholarship involves a little bit of planning and research about your long-term academic pursuits. Landing a plum scholarship in most schools is much easier than most students and parents can even imagine.

Check for legibility

Make sure that your scholarship application form is absolutely legible. If necessary, type or print it. Sign all papers.

Buy a new folder for your scholarship application

Place all the scholarship application documents in a new folder. This creates the right impression with your sponsors in case you meet them for an interview. Arrange all the documents in perfect order. In case, you have to submit your scholarship application form online, submit it in the PDF format.
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