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How to fly a kite?

On a windy day, there is no other better hobby to pursue than flying a kite. Flying a kite is relaxing and fun.

Pick the right kite for flying

For light and medium winds (6-15 mph), select the Diamond, Delta, or Dragon shaped kite. For strong winds (8-25 mph), a stickless Parafoil or Box kite is ideal for maintaining an easy flight.

Pick the right day

Any day in which thereís a light breeze is ideal for flying a kite. If the dry leaves on the ground are being blown around gently, the wind speed is in the range of around 5-25 mph.

Pick the right space

Flying a kite near power lines, airports, huge trees, or roads is not advisable. Beaches, parks, and fields are the best spaces for flying kites. When it comes to flying kites, more room means more fun.

Pick a partner to propel the kite into its flight path

Itís much easier to fly a kite for two people than it is for one person. Besides, itís more fun and exciting.

Unwind about 15 to 25 meters of string

Your partner should move away from you approximately 20 meters and face you.

Avoid flying a kite on a rainy day

Fly a kite only in safe conditions. If there is rain or lightning, cancel all plans to fly a kite. Wet kite lines conduct electricity from clouds.

Your friend should hold the kite and you should take charge

... of the ball of string (also known as the bridle). Here, it is important to remember that the kite is facing you as well as the wind. Only when the kite is facing the wind, it will takeoff.

Signal to your friend to release the kite

At your signal, your friend should release the kite into the air at an opportune time when the wind is favorable.

Once the kite is in the air Ö

Once the kite is in the air, make a note of any change in the wind direction. Make the necessary adaptations to suit any changes in the wind direction. This should enable you to fly the kite much longer.

Release more length of string to permit the kite to fly high

By releasing more length of string, you can fly the kite at the desired height.

Pull in the string and lower the kite

When you are finished, pull in the string around the bridle to lower the kite.
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