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How to finish wall tile edge?

Found the perfect tile for your wall but not too sure about the correct edge to use? Here are a few options that you can choose from to make your wall tiles look neat and beautiful.

No edge

Sometimes, edges or trims are not necessary as in the case when the tiles butt against a cabinet, ceiling or window. In such cases, you can simply apply a thin layer of caulk on the top layer to give it a sealed look.

Use border and accent tiles

These tiles provide contrast to tile installations.These are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes.

Opt for natural stone

Natural stones can be ground to form smooth edges. Marble, granite, slate and bluestone are examples.

Use radius or quarter trims

These are specifically made to edge the sides of wall tiles. They usually measure 6 inches and create a seamless effect to any tile installation.


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