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How to finish a marathon?

What is the best training routine?

To finish a marathon, aim for one long run every week

Usually, a marathon training regimen starts with a 10 mile run and progresses to 20-24 miles. The most essential part of a marathon training regimen is the “long run”. Completing one long run every week for about 10 weeks before the race day ensures that you can finish the marathon easily.

Start practicing two or three months ahead of the “big run”

Decide about the days in which you can devote several hours for practicing for this big event – several weeks in advance. Usually, runners gear up and assemble with their friends after office hours to start practice “runs”. If you’re intent on finishing a marathon, establishing a fixed routine to which you can strictly adhere and commit whole-heartedly is extremely important.

Raise your training standards to the next level

One day prior to your long runs, practice your race “pace”. Cover at least half the distance of the scheduled long run maintaining a steady pace that’s comfortable for you. This will help you to acclimatize better for the “big race”.

Adequate hydration is vital for finishing a marathon

Replacing sodium and critical electrolytes lost during the marathon holds the key for finishing the race. A right mixture of water and sports drinks accomplishes this complex task. Adequate hydration of your body prevents cramping during the marathon and ensures that you finish the marathon.

Run 3 times a week and train other disciplines 2 times a wee

e.g. fitness, bicycles

Incorporate running in hilly terrain into your training

Running on hilly terrain strengthens your legs and trains your body to transfer oxygen optimally to your blood. Additionally, practicing on hilly terrain toughens your body to overcome the rigors of a marathon. Hence, to finish a marathon successfully, it’s absolutely essential to include running in hilly terrains in your marathon training regimen.

To finish a marathon, the last week of training is crucial

Run at least 12 miles at a comfortable pace about a week before the marathon. Then, a few days before the event, run a distance of 20 or 24 miles. This builds the requisite mental and physical stamina you need to finish a marathon.

Change eating habits

It is important to eat well. the right dose of carbohydrates, minerals, protein

Try to “taper” your marathon training regimen

Tapering, reducing the distance you run in the last two weeks when compared to the distance six weeks prior to these two weeks, helps in keeping your body in prime condition for finishing a marathon. You should provide your body adequate time to rest. This helps in the swift rejuvenation and healing of your body. Hence, “tapering” is another important aspect of finishing a marathon successfully.

During the long runs, you may experience fatigue

This fatigue is more acute in your legs. However, when you learn to push yourself through this fatigue, you’ll train your mind and body to battle through pain and fatigue during the marathon. Try to complete a minimum of 10 long runs prior to the marathon. This will ensure that you’ll not have any trouble in finishing a marathon.
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