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How to find the right running shoe?

Are you shopping for a new pair of running shoes? Here are a few tips on how to find that perfect fit.

Ask suggestions from shoe sales people

These individuals have been trained and are highly experienced in shoe and foot types. They might ask you to walk or jog a little to find out where you put your weight on or things like that. Check out the pair that they will suggest.

Take an old pair of running shoes with you

This might seem queer, but your old shoes bear the tell-tale signs of how your feet moves. If you put a lot of weight into your ankles, the heel side of your shoes are the most worn down. If you fit this bill, then you should buy a running shoe that has a thicker heel.

Make sure it is not too tight

You should be able to move your toes, and feel empty space in front of them with your fingers. This will ensure you don't press against your toes too hard, especially when running downhill.

Buy shoes in the afternoon

Our feet normally swells during daytime that's why it's best to buy shoes after lunch or mid-afternoon, when our feet have lost the swelling.

Try it for a few (walking) laps around the store

See how your foot reacts

Try new shoes with the socks you will be running in

It will give you a more accurate impression of the feel.
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