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How to exercise?

Exercise has been scientifically proven to rid the body of toxins that lead to fatal diseases. It has also been proven effective for weight loss. Learn how to exercise with a little help from our health-oriented community.

Pick the sport or sports you most enjoy

Get a gym subscription

And make sure you use it at least twice a week.

Look at what your problem areas first, then work for it

Different people have different problem areas. You can start working on them first in order to give your better control for your body.

Functional exercises are tested to reduce your body fat

Functional exercises like cross fit can cut your body fats. This is also effective in working out different areas of the body. In fact, it can provide you with an overall improvement in strength

Warm up before you exercise

To avoid injury.

Do it regularly

Sign up for group classes

e.g. martial arts, or group running.

Start with simple exercise like working around garden

It is easier to start with a friend

Sometimes it is difficult to start. With a friend you can have more motivation.

Alternate different exercises

Plan what you want to do

what kind of exercises, when, how much time
 (max 60)

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