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How to encourage your child to be physically active?

Participation in school sports steadily declines as children go to higher grades. Increased pressure to score higher marks or grades is the primary cause of this.

Be an ideal role model

Parents who are active in outdoor sports are the ideal role models who can motivate their children to pursue outdoor games. You can encourage your child to be physically active by asking the child to join you in all the outdoor games you play.

Start a fun activity

Start a fun activity that your child enjoys. For instance, you could start playing Frisbee. This is an activity which young children enjoy a lot. Get the whole family involved in this game. Playing Frisbee is an ideal way for a happy family to spend quality time together.

Switch off the television

Children watch television for an average of three hours every day. Switch off the television in the evenings and encourage your child to participate in outdoor games. Restricting computer games or video games is another ploy that encourages young children to take part in outdoor games.

Make physical exercise fun

Swimming, trekking, cycling, and jogging are all physical activities that strengthen muscles and bones. Your child should learn to visualize these activities as fun. This is the best way in which you can encourage your child to be physically active.

Encourage outdoor games

Research has proved that habits cultivated during childhood continue into adulthood, as well. With reduced participation in activities related to sports, children tend to be less active physically.

Hence, it is extremely important to encourage your child to be physically active by taking part in outdoor games. Invariably, this habit is continued even when the child grows to adulthood.

Provide a secure environment

Ensure that your child’s chosen playground or play area for the activity or sport is secure from neighbors’ pets or other disturbances. Ensure that your child’s clothing is appropriate and comfortable.

Plan ahead and allot specific time every day for exercise

Nowadays, children are busy with music lessons, dance classes, homework, and other extra-curricular activities. Hence, planning ahead and allotting a fixed time for exercise every day encourages your child to be physically active.

Encourage your child to walk or cycle to school

You must encourage your child to walk or cycle whenever possible. This could be visiting friends in the neighborhood, going to nearby shops, or going on any other errand.

Have a friendly chat with your child’s pediatrician

Your child’s pediatrician can explain the importance of physical activity to your child. Additionally, your pediatrician can suggest an activity that your child is likely to enjoy.

Select a physical activity that is age appropriate

You must carefully select an activity that is appropriate to your child’s age. For instance, weight lifting is not suitable for an 8-year-old child. Appropriate activities for a child at this age would be bicycle riding, swimming, or soccer.

Provide all the necessary outdoor sports gear

Ensure that your child has an easy access to rackets, balls, or any other required sports gear.
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Encourage your child to be physically active
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