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How to eat at a fine dining restaurant?

Did your boss just invite you to eat at a fine dining restaurant? Does the sight of too many knives and forks confuse you? Learn how to use those utensils and impress your boss by reading the tips below.

Wear semi-formal attire

Most fine dining restaurants require their guests to wear semi-formal attire. This means suits or jackets for men while women can wear dresses or suits. Shoes are preferable over sandals.

The table is used for dining

Donít place your gadgets or purse on the table. Those will serve as distractions to your host, guest and the restaurantís staff. Put those in your pocket, or better yet, donít take them with you.

Deal with the cutlery

Donít let that sparkling array of cutlery confuse you. Just remember to work your way from the outside in Ė the cutlery thatís farthest from you gets to be used first. When you need to go to the bathroom, put your cutlery on your plate with only the tips touching each other. This sends a signal to the waiter that you havenít finished eating yet. If youíre done, put your knife and fork together on the center of your plate.

Observe your host

Take the cue from your host if youíre not sure about what to do, but donít eye him to closely because he might feel awkward or consider you rude.

Donít drink your soup

It is never acceptable to drink soup in a fine dining restaurant even if you belong to a culture that shows appreciation to the chef by doing so. Scoop the soup with a spoon and sip the soup from its edge.

Use the napkin properly

A napkin should be placed on your lap. You can use it to dab your mouth, not wipe it. Put your napkin on the top of your chair if you need to go to the bathroom. At the end of the meal, you can place your napkin beside your plate.

Donít get drunk with the dinner wine

The dinner wineís function is to bring out the taste of the foods that are served to you, not to get you intoxicated. Just take a sip before you eat the main meal. You can also sip some with your dessert.

Respect the seating arrangement

One thing with fine dining is that you donít get to choose who to sit beside with. Itís your host or hostess who does the planning. Maybe the host finds the bubbly you as a good match for his introvert friend. Just go with the flow whatever his intentions are.

Do your research about difficult foods

Crabs, shrimps, artichokes, asparagus and escargots are among the most difficult foods to eat at a fine dining restaurant. Check out for some tips on how to deal with those.
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