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How to develop and license your invention?

Have you invented something that can make this world a better place? Do you want to know how to develop and license it? Then, you're in the right place. Read on.

Get a provisional patent - patent pending

It will give you 1 year of protection to develop your idea, after which you can apply for a full patent, if there is a commercial sense to it.

Test your idea in real life

After getting a patent pending, ask your family and friends their honest opinions, observe their reactions.

Try to innovate already existing inventions

When you try to innovate, this is something easy because you just improve an invention that is already existing. You can just improve on some of its issues.

Build a prototype

Get in touch with a potential licensee companies

Find out who may be interesting in manufacturing and marketing your product or idea.

Make sure that you are the first to think of an idea

There are a lot of inventions today that can't be patented because of the fact that it has been used before.
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Develop and license your invention
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