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How to deal with relatives you hate?


Excuse yourself from family gatherings

If youíre intent on avoiding the relatives you hate at any cost, then you should consider excusing yourself from unimportant family gatherings. Adjust your work schedule to clash with the dates of these family gatherings, consider working overtime, or accept an invitation for some other social gathering.

Resolve the issue thatís the reason for your hatred

Undoubtedly, this is the best method of dealing with relatives you hate. Your hatred may stem due to jealousy, anger, or any other reason. Deal with your hatred ó permanently. You derive the maximum benefits when you let bygones be bygones. This option is more advantageous than living with needless hatred for decades.

To deal with relatives you hate, be empathetic

Consider your relativesí feelings and be empathetic. Before you say anything to them, contemplate on how youíd react if they said the same thing to you. Avoid behaving in a rude or selfish manner towards your relatives.

Change your point of view about the relatives you hate

Most of us have relatives who are demanding, rude, curt, and downright mean. Itís extremely difficult to stay calm and maintain a cool facade when these people are around. Their behavior can upset even the most patient individual. Donít assume or hope that theyíll desist from their bad behavior. Notwithstanding, merely changing your point of view works wonders. It equips you to deal with relatives you hate successfully.

Staying calm holds the key

Flying off the handle and overreacting only encourage these ridiculously difficult people. Their behavior worsens when you get upset. On the contrary, staying calm helps you to harmlessly deflect their vile moods, bitter jibes, and senseless attacks. Besides, refusing to engage these unreasonable persons in needless arguments humbles them. Importantly, staying calm helps you in retaining your sanity.

Think about why a relative irritates you

Evaluate why your relative is doing what he/she does. If the person is genuinely interested in your well-being, you should oblige. For instance, if your relative wants you to wear a sweater because itís bitterly cold, you should oblige and wear a sweater.
If the issue is more complex, try talking to the concerned relative. Be nice and gentle. Ignore the relative if talking doesnít resolve the issue.

If your hatred is more profound, adopt a different method

In relationships within families, each past issue would have inflicted its own emotional wounds. For a genuinely serious problem, a simple solution may not exist. In such cases, you should reflect profoundly and identify the real cause of your hatred. The wounds may run deep if the concerned family member has stolen from you or deliberately lied to you.
Confide in your parents to resolve complex issues. Whenever this isnít possible, avoid dealing with the concerned person altogether. Avoiding any type of interaction is an effective method of dealing with relatives you hate.

Differences in interests or lifestyles cause hatred

Marked differences in lifestyles, interests, religious affiliations, hobbies, or philosophy cause dislike, resentment, anger, or hatred. Associating with relatives who have markedly different interests is tremendously difficult or sometimes impossible. Therefore, depending on circumstances, you should deal with these issues appropriately.
Since a large family socializes at holidays or at other social functions, youíre bound to run into relatives you hate. Hence, at a large family gathering, isolate yourself with other family members who truly delight in your company and who make you feel comfortable.

Plan family events shrewdly

Another effective method of dealing with relatives you hate includes planning events intelligently. At the planning stage, include all family members but ensure that you avoid directly engaging with the relatives you hate.
Plan a small Thanksgiving Lunch or Dinner prior to the larger gathering. Donít invite the relatives you hate to the small party. Likewise, arrange for smaller gatherings of the family members you like before or after large family gatherings. However, be careful of not aggravating feelings of hatred by resorting to such tactics. You should be diplomatic when youíre arranging these smaller family gatherings.

Accept your relative as he/she is

Some individuals are naturally mean, rude, selfish, and bitter. To remain emotionally healthy, you should diligently maintain a safe distance from such relatives. Accept them as they are, avoid them as much as possible, and move on with your life. Donít let the bad behavior of your relatives drag you down. On the other hand, you should attempt to forge meaningful relationships with other family members who genuinely care for you.

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