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How to deal with a sociopath?

Sociopaths, individuals without a conscience, lack the normal empathy thatís inherent in all of us. Sociopaths imitate feelings of affection remarkably well.

Offer nothing to a sociopath

Sociopaths are intent on using you, your connections, your resources, your family members, and your friends. Therefore, to get a sociopath out of your life, you should offer nothing to him/her.

Understand the character traits of a sociopath

Sociopaths do not care about who gets hurt or who gets used. Besides, sociopaths do not have any scruples or second thoughts about taking undue advantage of your goodwill, kindness, and generosity. Sociopaths are incapable of understanding the emotional feelings of other people and donít realize that their selfish actions could hurt other people.

To deal with a sociopath ó RUN

Sociopaths, labeled as psychopaths, donít feel affection and are least bothered about the feelings of others. The finest method of dealing with a sociopath is running away from him/her. If youíre keen on safeguarding your personal safety, your resources, your family members, and preserving your sanity, then you should RUN ó away from him/her.

Do not unwittingly provide any weapon of destruction

Sociopaths are psychological, emotional, and mental terrorists. Their impact will be negligible if you donít unwittingly provide them any useful/personal information.
Avoid providing the sociopath any information about your fears; information about things that cause you emotional, mental, or psychological distress; and information about anything that hurts, bothers, or annoys you. The sociopath may use this information to terrorize you.

Avoid a sociopath ó COMPLETELY

Avoidance, a tremendously effective strategy, safeguards you from the harms a sociopath can inflict in your life. Itís difficult to spot a sociopath because he/she behaves like a normal person. Nevertheless, once you recognize that he/she gives nothing away but only takes from your friendship or relationship, youíll know for certain that he/she is a sociopath.

To deal with a sociopath, keep your money safe

A sociopath will try desperate means to steal your money or cheat you of it. Hide your money in inaccessible places or donít reveal its existence. A sociopath may stealthily look at your bank statements (without your permission). Since sociopaths are individuals with a criminal bent of mind, you should be wary of their ruthless and inhuman tactics.
Strive to create an impression that youíre bankrupt. This is an effective method of freeing yourself from their clutches. Likewise, create an impression that your family members and friends arenít financially sound. Youíll liberate them from the evil eye of these sociopaths, as well.

If youíre working with a sociopath, talk about neutral topic

Since a sociopath is easily bored and needs continuous stimulation, you shouldnít engage him/her in friendly conversations about your personal issues. This individual lacks a moral conscience. Avoid sharing personal problems.
Notwithstanding, you should speak swiftly with a sociopath about neutral topics. Change the subject constantly. Talk about the news, politics, weather, fashion, movies, sports, etc. Provide the extra stimulation that the mind of a sociopath needs without discussing any personal issues. Keep your friends, family members, neighbors, or other co-workers out of all your discussions with a sociopath. When speaking with a sociopath, steer clear of any conversation about people ó any Individual.

Never discuss with a sociopath about Ö

Your business, finances, family, friends, dreams, aspirations, and goals are subjects you should never discuss with a sociopath. Keep a sociopath mentally stimulated with conversation about neutral topics. However, try to escape from his/her sight as swiftly as you can.

Sociopaths are interested in using your connections

A sociopath is intent on using your connections and network. Try to create an impression that you arenít a well-connected and well-networked person. He/she will not disturb you anymore.

Never say what makes you happy

If you reveal to a sociopath what truly delights you, he/she will ensure that you never have access or obtain what you desire. Likewise, avoid revealing to a sociopath what bothers you, as well.

Sociopaths enjoy mocking people

Sociopaths are totally devoid of human emotions, and they genuinely enjoy mocking people ó constantly. This is another legitimate reason for you to maintain a safe distance from a sociopath.

When dealing with a sociopath, use the surprise element

Hide your true plans and motives from a sociopath. If a sociopath comes to know of your motives or plans, he/she will definitely employ that knowledge to discourage, belittle, humiliate, or harass you. Whenever you intend to do something, avoid revealing it to a sociopath. On the contrary, you should wait until the completion of the activity.
For instance, if youíre interested in reducing your weight, donít reveal your plans to a sociopath. Join a gym, workout regularly for several months, and lose several pounds. Inform the sociopath after accomplishing your goals. The sociopath has no information to use against you after you achieve your objective.

To deal with a sociopath, change the dynamics

Adopt a strict ďNo ContactĒ strategy when youíre handling a sociopath. Whether itís an ex-spouse, ex-partner, ex-friend, or sibling, implement this policy. Sociopaths are seasoned experts at systematically breaking down their victims. Maintaining contact implies that youíre back in the game.
Since sociopaths are expert manipulators, theyíll resume manipulating you and deceiving you. To start your recovery, keep the sociopath out of your life ó for good.
Your unwillingness to make or retain contact with the sociopath is the most effective method of dealing with a sociopath. By deliberately keeping a psychopath out of your life, youíre promoting your happiness quotient.
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