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How to deal with a difficult spouse?

Dealing with a spouse who constantly complains and criticizes can be a harrowing experience for most people. This leads to undue stress for both partners. The directives listed below should help you to deal more easily with a difficult spouse.

Donít be rigid; but never compromise

Be flexible. However, stand up and maintain your values. Never compromise on your values. Remember that people with in-born negative traits like to dominate everything that matters to them in the slightest manner. On your part, be diplomatic as much as possible.

Have control over yourself

For controlling the situation better, you must first have absolute control over yourself. You must be actively aware of all critical household matters including purchases, children, finance, etc. Stay open to communications and develop a listening attitude.

Adopt a positive attitude and stay calm

In this challenging situation, it is extremely important for you to adopt a positive attitude and stay calm. You should not permit your partnerís negativity to influence you adversely. Take time and relax every now and then.

Try to see your spouseís point of view

Most people who have traumatic childhood experiences grow up to become constantly complaining and critical adults. Feel sorry for the plight of your spouse if this is the case. The negative behavior of your spouse can be directly linked to unpleasant childhood events.

Exercise immense patience

The chief key to a successful marital relationship is patience. Hence, learn to stay calm under pressure. Exercise immense patience and treat this as a passing phase. Communicate often about your love and support to your spouse. Remember that people who are negative are basically insecure.

Maintain a safe distance from people with like qualities

Avoid family members and mutual friends who exhibit similar negative traits. These non-supportive people are best left alone. Do not permit these people to directly or indirectly influence the relationship between you and your spouse.

Confide in a close friend

At times, dealing with a difficult spouse can be certainly energy sapping. Besides, a person who constantly complains and criticizes can lead anyone to being stressed out and exhausted. In times like this, it is ideal for you to confide in a close friend about your predicament. This will provide you with some much needed diversion from the deluge of negativity. The best method of replenishing positive attitude for you is by being around with people who have a positive attitude towards life. You must share your thoughts and feelings with someone whom you can trust absolutely.

Seek professional help if the situation cannot be managed

In case the situation is extremely challenging, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Family counseling professionals resolve the most difficult relationships and work out amicable solutions. You must certainly have an open mind about seeking professional help to resolve the issues with your spouse.

If all else fails, consider divorce

In case the relationship with your spouse does not improve after seeking professional help, you must seriously consider divorce as the last option. Here, it is prudent to remember that not all marriages work. There are instances when some marriages do end in divorce.
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Deal with a difficult spouse
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