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How to deal with a depressed person?

A depressed person is not easy to deal with and may even get under your skin. Learn how to deal with such a person by reading the tips below.

Be easy on yourself

Donít blame yourself for not having the capability to make him better because you canít - you are not qualified to do so.

Take some time out

Dealing with a depressed person can be very taxing both on your physical and mental health. Keep your sanity by taking a walk or seeing a feel-good movie. By the time you return, youíll have a fresher outlook, more patience and renewed strength to deal with the situation.

Learn everything you can about depression

Search the net, ask your family doctor or someone who has experienced being with a depressed individual. That way, youíll have an idea of what to do and how to deal with it in the most effective way you can.

Help him understand that he needs medical assistance

Make him see that depression is not a state like happiness or loneliness that he can simply snap out of. Tell him that he has every chance of recovery once he agrees to seek professional help.

Give him a reason to get well

Make him see that a lot of people love and support him, that his children depend on him, etc. By doing so, youíll be giving him a flicker of hope which he can hold on to during this difficult time.

Get a mediator

Most depressed people deny the fact that they are sick. If you canít convince him to seek assistance, ask the help of his parents, siblings or friends who can make him understand that the only way out of it is to get a doctorís help.

Lend a hand

Studies show that depressed people lack focus and concentration even in simple tasks like choosing which clothes to wear or preparing meals. Offer your help as subtly as you can to avoid offending him.

Do not be too pushy

A lot of depressed individuals are not really willing to have a good interaction with other people.
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Deal with a depressed person
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