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How to convince people to help those less fortunate?

There's just something heartwarming about helping the less fortunate. Wouldn't it make you even feel better to convince others to help the poor and needy as well? How to do it? Read on and find out.

Introduce/expose them to those who really need help

talk about their problem and their situation

Start organizing

It could be a one off project, it could be a charity organization.

Give a good example

Do something and tell others about it.

Take them with you in one of your projects

There's nothing like seeing poverty in the face; the downcast eyes, the lips that barely smile, the sunken cheeks; these are enough to tug the heartstrings of anyone who sees.

Tell them that it's a great way to get tax deductions

Yes, helping eligible charitable institutions are not only emotionally and spiritually uplifting because they can lift tax deductions, too. Check out for more details.
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