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How to collect stamps?

Collecting stamps (Philately) is a rewarding hobby. Since it can be engaged in at any level of skill or cost, it is one of the most popular hobbies.

Buy stamps from online sources

Online sources give fabulous discounts for huge collections of used stamps. They frequently offer packets of stamps containing duplicates of the same stamps cheaply.

Begin with easy sources

You can build a sizeable collection in a short period of time by beginning with easy sources like hobby stores and stamp dealers. These are the best sources for new stamp collection hobbyists.

Sort your stamps

When your stamp collection is sizeable, you must sort your stamps country-wise. Later, you can sort your stamps subject-wise. Some common subjects include famous people, butterflies, sports, and airplanes.

Swap your stamps with other philatelists

Find out about other stamp collectors from your friends, colleagues, family members, and Facebook friends. Swap the duplicates, triplicates, and quadruplicates from your stamp collection with other stamp collectors to enhance the variety of your collection.

Buy stamp tongs

Stamp tongs, often called tweezers, are used to pick stamps. You can avoid damaging stamps by using stamp tongs.

Use a Stock Book to store your stamps safely

Stock books consist of many pages made of thin cardboard with strips of see-through plastic. The plastic strips are glued to the cardboard at both ends of the page. This facilitates the easy insertion and removal of stamps. Use your tongs to insert or remove stamps from your stock book to minimize damage.

Build a vast collection

For a philatelist at the beginner or intermediate level, it is extremely important to build a vast collection of stamps consisting of a wide variety.
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