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How to choose the right university?

The process of choosing the right university can not only be daunting, but also challenging for both students and their parents.

Take your time to make a wise decision

The sheer amount of data about the hundreds of universities you have to sift through is mind-boggling. Weighing the numerous variables is another difficult task. A thorough knowledge of subject interest, budget, final grades, scholarships, and also whether to enroll in an overseas or local university will help you utilize these rankings better.

Remember that your choice now will determine your future social and professional life.

Decide about the course you intend to study

Gather as much feedback and testimonials from past students or school prospectuses. Collect more information about the faculty in the school offering the course of your choice. Contact course coordinators with questions about assessments or modules. This will give you an in-depth idea about the functioning of the university.

Pay a visit to the university

If possible, pay a visit to the university to ascertain its various academic aspects. In case, this is not possible, find out about the various academic amenities available for students.

Look at their track record for certain programs

It is imperative that you get to the best school for the program you want.

Attend education fairs

Education fairs are ideal places to interact with staff from various universities. In educational fairs, the admission staff of different universities from several nations congregates at one place.

Compare the academic curriculum with other universities

Compare the syllabi of different subjects in the course with the syllabi of identical subjects in other universities.

Decide whether you want to pursue higher studies abroad

Since the financial burden is much heavier when you want to study in an overseas university, you must decide whether you want to pursue higher studies in a local or an overseas university.

Different costs to be factored

If you want to pursue higher education abroad, factor in living expenses, accommodation, and the price of flight tickets separately. Tuition fees, cost of books, and lab costs are some of the other expenses.

Check out the university’s Facebook and Twitter accounts

Today, most universities are listed in social media. You can clear all your doubts by asking the university staff all your questions using this route.

Enquire about the university’s various policies

Check the university’s policy for transferring credits in case you opt for other universities, and its policy for switching courses within the university.

Find out about job placement or exchange programs

Find out from the course coordinator whether the university offers job placement or exchange programs for the course you intend to pursue.
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Choose the right university
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