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How to choose the right nanny?

What questions to ask fellow recruits? What is important?

Check if she has a good contact with the child

Always set up a CCTV system

You can never be sure what is happening inside your home. You still need to have a CCTV system in order to know if the Nanny is doing the right job.

Do a background check

You may never know the truth until you know everything about her past records. Does she have any type of arrest in the past?

Tell her of the expectations that you have

You need to be clear about what you are expecting from her as a nanny.

Ask if she smokes

Ask for references and talk to her previous employers

Ask for the necessary identification

Identification is imperative especially when you have her to take care of your kids. You need to know if she could be trusted.
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Choose the right nanny
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