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How to choose the right mattress?

The right mattress, an absolute necessity for a good nightís sleep, offers short- and long-term advantages. Since the prices of mattresses vary widely, your budget is a major consideration in choosing the right mattress. Listed below are the different types of mattresses and their benefits.

Test the mattress before buying

Try mattresses of varying thickness and firmness. A mattress that isnít comfortable in the showroom will not be any better in your house. Test the mattresses that are either in the higher end of your budget or beyond it. This will help you to experience how a good quality mattress feels like. Later, you should compare the comfort level of the lower end mattresses. When trying out a mattress, lie down on it for at least 30 seconds. You can choose the right mattress by using this trial-and-error method.

Understand your physical needs clearly

You should consider whether youíre a stomach, back, or side sleeper. Besides, you should also consider whether your sleeping position during the night varies to include more than one of these positions. For people with mobility issues, there are specially designed mattresses that make it easier for getting in and out of bed.

Choosing the right mattress size

A queen size mattress is adequate for people who are lesser than six feet tall. For taller people, a king-size mattress would be ideal.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses, made from a material that molds perfectly to the shape and natural contours of your body when you sleep, is the ideal mattress for people who donít move during the night and their bodies are almost rigid when they sleep. These mattresses retain body heat and are suitable for people who prefer to stay warm during the night. However, these mattresses are not suitable for you if youíre not comfortable with excess heat retention during sleep.

Plush or basic firm mattresses

Basic mattresses, made from a wide range of materials, are available at every price point. Mattresses made of natural or organic fibers are slightly more expensive when compared to mattresses made of other materials. You can select from extra plush, plush, firm, or extra firm mattress, depending on the softness or hardness of your bed.

Set your budget before choosing the right mattress

The prices of mattresses vary from $500 to several thousand of dollars. Knowing your budget will permit you to eliminate trying out mattresses which arenít in your budget.

Choose something not to hard but in same time not soft

Memory foam mattress

Try many mattresses as possible

Try different brand

Sleep number mattresses

Sleep number mattresses can be modified to become softer or harder using the touch of a button. These mattresses are divided into different zones, thus enabling a different level of softness or hardness on your partnerís side of the bed.

Check out different brands, but donít be prejudiced

Sometimes, mattresses of acclaimed brands are better. However, this doesnít imply that you shouldnít consider cheaper non-brand mattresses at all. A renowned name does not guarantee the quality, though there may be a compelling reason for this reputation. Testing mattresses in person and figuring out what feels comfortable for your own body is extremely important when choosing the right mattress.
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Choose the right mattress
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