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How to choose the right luggage?

Regardless whether youíre going on a long vacation, business trip, or week-end outing, itís vital to choose the right luggage for having a comfortable journey. You need to choose good quality luggage intelligently to carry all your essential things. The right luggage helps avoid baggage fees hassles and damaged items. Listed below are some valuable tips on how to choose the right luggage.

Make a list of travel essentials you need

Before choosing the right luggage, you should make a list of all the travel essentials you need. Your luggage should accommodate all your toiletries, clothes, specialty items, and medications.

Bear in mind the nature of your trip

Depending on the nature of your trip, the activities youíll be participating in, and the places you intend visiting, you should determine the ideal luggage for you. The size of your luggage depends on the duration of your trip, what you desire to carry, and the diverse restrictions if youíre flying.

Check with the airlines that you use most often

About the maximum number of items, sizes and allowed weight.

Features to look for when choosing the right luggage

Durability: Purchase good quality luggage thatís not only versatile, but will also last for several years.

Expandability: Purchase luggage thatís able to accommodate all your requirements. Choose luggage that offers you some extra space for fitting new purchases.

Storage compartments: Purchase luggage with zippers and pockets to suit your needs. The storage compartments must be well organized and optimize space.


Size is very important especially for cabin luggage, different airlines have different cabin luggage sizes

Choose luggage that permits expansion

Some suitcases are designed with extra compartments at the top and bottom. These compartments can be opened when necessary for accommodating additional travel essentials or purchases made during visits to exotic tourist places. Besides, these suitcases are just compact enough to be squeezed into the overhead luggage space on a plane. You should select 360-degree rotation wheels for your luggage to enable easier navigation. However, these suitcases are not suitable for uneven terrains, stairs, and rugged surfaces. In fact, a suitcase is not convenient for these places and doesnít make for the best option.

Get a suitcase if you carry fragile stuff

Almost every time I fly I see someone trying to force his luggage on top of yours or next to it, when there is no space. If a person is short, might not spot it.

Branded hard-sided suitcase

Commonly available spacious suitcases are most suitable for family vacations, business travel, and all other forms of longer duration travel. A suitcase thatís hard-sided protects delicate items and is water-resistant to a certain extent. However, low-quality hard-sided suitcases are not durable and are liable to crack during a long trip. Likewise, soft-sided suitcases are also liable to tear. Hence, you should ensure that you purchase luggage thatís made of rugged and strong material.


Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, backpacks are the ideal options for people participating in trekking tours or other outdoor activities requiring their hands to be unrestrained. While a backpack is suitable for hands-free mobility, its weight is a huge burden on your whole body and proves a hindrance to you in many ways. Invest in a superior-quality backpack with well-laid compartments, sturdy straps, and adequate support.

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are available in smaller sizes to conform to overhead plane compartments, or larger sizes for storing sports gear. Duffle bags fitted with wheels are suitable for long distance use, whereas bags devoid of wheels are lighter and simpler to store.
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Choose the right luggage
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