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How to choose a college major?

Many a times, this primary question, is not the given due importance it deserves. Listed here are some useful tips that will help you in choosing the right college major.

Give importance to your priorities

Carefully analyze your priorities and consider them practically. Does your priority lie in earning more money, helping the community, or doing something creative. Whatever your aspirations, there is a perfect major you can pursue. Your passions can be channeled into paths that might lead to great success.

Talk to people who have graduated with this major

This will help you in getting additional information about the major you intend to study. Since they have first-hand experience, they should be able to answer your specific queries better than career counselors.

Your interest and the earning potential of your interest

You must carefully consider these two aspects. You will undoubtedly excel in college if you pursue the subject of your interest. However, consider other factors like job opportunity and salary potential. These two additional factors will also have a direct bearing on your future.

Take a decision about the college major you want to join

Irrespective of whether you’re a college student, a high school senior, or looking to advance your educational qualifications as an adult, picking the right college major can prove to be tricky.

If you’re not absolutely certain, don’t be unduly worried. Most schools have flexible curriculum and permit you to change majors after the first year. Most classes in the first two academic years cover general subjects. Therefore, you don’t stand to lose much if you decide to pursue an alternate major later.

Study the job market

If finding a job as soon as you earn your degree is your chief priority, researching the current job scenario will certainly help you. This will give you a clear picture of the demand for different jobs at the time you finish college. Currently, jobs in agriculture, energy, manufacturing, business, and some areas of medicine are in demand.

Check out the schools offering the major you want to pursue

All schools have details of all the courses they offer listed in their websites. If you have decided on any particular university and a particular major, you can check under the “Academics” tab of that university’s website. You can also check the exact geographical location of the school.

Research about financial aid and scholarships

Since financial aid and scholarships can reduce your financial burden substantially, you must research about the various scholarships offered by different schools. Scrutinize websites of all schools for any form of financial aid or scholarship.

Seek the guidance of advisors from the school

Seeking the guidance of advisors from the school helps you in getting additional information that is not available in the school website. They will answer all your questions about the department you intend to join.

Calculate the total expenses involved

If you opt to pursue an uncommon major that is offered by only a few schools, then you must calculate the tuition fees and your living expenses.
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Choose a college major
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