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How to catch more fish?

There are many approaches to catching fish. Some popular methods are jig fishing, trolling, spinner fishing, snagging, and fly fishing. However, for the novice fisherman or fisherwoman, Bait Fishing is the easiest way to catch fish.

Hook the fish as soon as it bites

As soon as you sense a tug on your line, “set” your hook. This can be achieved by giving a quick jerk to your fishing rod and line. This jerk must be backward and up. In case there is a fish on your line, it will resist. This results in your line following the desperate movements of the fish.

Pull the fish by lifting the rod vertically

and reeling the line simultaneously. Keep your fishing line tight; otherwise, the fish will escape. A loose line presents a chance for your fish to “unhook” itself. Keeping constant tension on the line ensures that the hook is firmly entrenched in the mouth of the trapped fish. Never make the mistake of using the reel to pull in big fish.

Select a spot which has plenty of fish in it

Choosing a location which has many fish is the first criteria for landing a big catch. Study fishing reports in local newspapers or ask around at marinas, camping supply stores, or angling shops. You could also check out by tossing in food scraps and waiting for response from the fish around. Secluded spots like lakes in the woods or levees or ponds are ideal for landing a big catch.

Attach weights to your line if the water current is strong

Attach weights (sinkers) to your fishing line about 12” over the bait, if the water current is swift. This is appropriate in a stream or a small river.

Select the right bait, right hook, and right line

Pick the bait most suitable for the species of fish in the vicinity you are fishing. Worms, grasshoppers, liver, bacon, shrimp, and salmon eggs are the best baits. Next, select the right hook that fits perfectly into the mouth of the fish. Small-sized hooks are best. Likewise, an extremely thin line – which is almost invisible – leads to more bites.

Attach brightly colored bobber if the water current is weak

Use a bobber in a lake, or in a slow river. Place the bait below the bobber. The distance between the bobber and the bait can be adjusted to match the depth of water at your fishing location. Ideally, the bait should be suspended in the vicinity of where the fish are hovering underwater.

Place your fishing line in the water & wait for fish to bite

You can sense a fish bite either by touch, or by closely observing a loose line, or by stringing a bell to your fishing rod. Ensure that there is no slackness in the line. Waiting for a fish to take a bite of your bait is the key. Fishing is all about your ability to wait. It sure tests your patience. Combining a light tackle with intermittent feeding around your bait will result in bites much faster. Since fish live in groups, it is better to feed the fish a little bit more if you catch a fish. By staying in the same spot, you can hope to catch more fish.

If you’ve waited for more than 15 minutes

… at one spot and haven’t gotten a bite, it’s time to cast your hook elsewhere.

How to differentiate between a genuine bite & water current

Only practice can help you to tell the difference between water current and a fish biting into your bait.

Once you’ve pulled in your fish, continue fishing

Check your fishing line for any visible damage. Re-bait your hook. Wait for a fish to bite. Pull it in when it bites. Keep fishing until you’ve landed a big catch.
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