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How to buy computers and resell for profits?

You can find fantastic deals on computers that have a few missing parts, not been used for several months, or require a little bit of cleaning. You can buy them at low prices, invest some time in repairing them, and resell them at good prices and earn decent profits.

Always opt for a branded laptop or desktop

Always select a branded laptop or desktop for placing your bid. Remember that it is much easier to refurbish and resell a branded computer. Check the posted photographs of the computer you intend to buy.

Check out auctions that are about to end in few hoursí time

Here, the competition is intense because of the presence of a number of like-minded people. Their intention is also to pocket decent profits by reselling these computers after refurbishing them. Shortlist auctions in which there are five or fewer bidders.

Incomplete computers are available on large auction sites

Labeled as non-working or parts only, these computers are usually available without hard disks or power cords or both. Sometimes, there may be other minor problems like a missing drive or memory card (RAM).

Buy the missing parts and repair the computer

Buy the missing parts like hard disk, power cord, memory card (RAM), disk drive, or any other component from Amazon. All these components are available at competitive prices on this website. If you limit the total cost of the computer to a reasonable level, you can resell it and earn a decent profit.

Place your advertisement at the best possible place

The best places to advertise your refurbished computer are either classified ad sites or social media sites. These are the places where you can get the highest possible price for your refurbished computer. Post pictures of your computer along with the advertisement. Good pictures ensure that you will not only sell the computer quickly, but also sell it at a good price.

Large auction websites are alternate sources for components

You can also buy missing components for both desktops and laptops from renowned auction websites at relatively low prices. Always buy good quality branded computer components.

Donít overbid; check the delivered computer thoroughly

Select a computer that is least expensive and easy to refurbish. Click to purchase if you are satisfied with the condition of the unit. Check the computer thoroughly when it is delivered to make sure that it has all the components you had been promised. When you sell, remember to add the shipping cost to the total cost of the computer.

Refurbish the computer and make it look attractive

Assemble the computer and run a comprehensive check to ensure that it operates perfectly. When you are satisfied with its functioning, take four photographs of the refurbished computer.

Important points to remember when refurbishing computers

Buy only branded computers. Never buy unbranded or assembled computers. It is difficult and expensive to refurbish unbranded computers. Besides, it is extremely difficult to sell these computers after you have refurbished them. Buyers are either reluctant to buy assembled computers, or offer low prices. Most often, refurbishing and reselling unbranded computers is not profitable.

Buy old computers and start updating them with new hardware

It is possible that you can purchase the old hardware and then replace them with new and powerful ones. It is possible to stick with a good but lesser known brand.
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Buy computers and resell for profits
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