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How to burn more calories on a treadmill?

Treadmill, a prime tool for burning calories quickly, helps you in achieving a comprehensive cardiovascular workout. You can burn calories on a treadmill by jogging, running, or walking.

Add incline

Adding incline helps you in burning more calories quickly. If you are serious about burning calories, then you must add incline instead of maintaining the treadmill on a flat surface while you run, jog, or walk.

Set yourself realistic goals

You can undoubtedly burn calories easily on a treadmill when compared to other conventional exercise options. However, you must not push yourself too much and set unrealistic goals. It is much easier to attain and sustain realistic goals than unrealistic goals. Never use a treadmill as a quick-fix solution. Use the treadmill as a long-term exercise option.

Use intervals

Interval training dramatically increases the number of calories burnt in an average exercise session. Rather than running at a steady speed, you must vary your speed several times during the exercise session. Sprint for about one minute and run at a steady speed for about 5 minutes. Change from running to sprinting several times during an exercise session.

Increase your speed gradually

This is the golden rule you must follow when you exercise on the treadmill. If you maintain the same speed without any variation, your body does not encounter any challenge. Consequently, you are bound to reach a fitness plateau. Ideally, you must increase your speed by about a quarter of a mile per hour once in every few weeks.

Use heart rate monitor

Wearing a heart rate monitor will help you in visualizing the rate at which you are exercising. You can then calculate how many calories you are actually burning in each exercise session on the treadmill. This will enable you to adjust the speed and incline optimally to maximize your calorie burn.

Minimum incline: 1.5

Set the minimum incline at 1.5 to achieve optimum results. This setting serves to replicate the terrain variation and wind resistance you normally encounter outdoors.

Warm-up adequately before you set foot on a treadmill

Adequate warm-up is absolutely essential before you step on a treadmill. Skipping, walking, spot jumping, cycling, or riding a stationary bicycle serves as good warm-up options.

Variety is the key

Vary your exercise pattern. Varying your exercise pattern poses a challenge to your body. For instance, if you run for 45 minutes three times a week, run for 60 minutes during your fourth exercise on the treadmill. This will prime your body for added endurance and result in more calories being burned.

Hydrate adequately

Make sure to drink adequate quantity of water before, during, and after the exercise sessions on the treadmill. If you’re well hydrated, you can burn more calories on the treadmill. If you’re dehydrated, you may not be able to achieve the best results.

Why is interval training effective?

Your heart rate increases during the sprint intervals and stabilizes during the normal running intervals. Similarly, oxygen levels in your body rise and fall; i.e., your body changes from aerobic to anaerobic states. This change in bodily oxygen levels results in the burning of more calories.
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Burn more calories on a treadmill
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