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How to build forearm muscles?

Strong forearm muscles help you lift heavy weights easily. Building forearm muscles is absolutely essential for weightlifters.

Forearm muscles are slow twitch muscles

For building the size of slow twitch muscles, you have to perform a higher number of reps. Since slow twitch muscles are exceptionally resistant and recover swiftly, they donít get fatigued easily. You must perform more than 25 reps in an exercise session for seeing positive results.

Join a health club or gym to access exercise equipment

You can get the benefit of access to different equipment in exercising specific muscle groups. Additionally, you can consult a professional trainer.

One-arm hangs are an effective exercise

Weightless exercises such as one-arm hangs targeting your forearm muscles are effective in building stronger forearms.

Never exercise every day; exercise on alternate days

Your forearm muscles need adequate rest for growing and rejuvenating. Ensure that you rest one full day between successive training sessions. Exercise your forearm every alternate day. Focus on other muscles when you are not exercising your forearms.

Opt for light curling-weights dumbbells

Children can begin with hand weights that weigh one or two pounds. Adults can begin with hand weights that weigh five or ten pounds. You can also opt for a 10-pound barbell. If you are comfortable, you can opt for barbells weighing up to 25 pounds.

Healthy diet with plenty of lean proteins

Eat a healthy diet rich in lean proteins. Fish, poultry, and eggs are some of the foods rich in lean proteins.

Focus on exercises that build forearm strength

Wrist curls target the forearm muscles specifically. To build arm strength, include full curls in your exercise regimen, as well. For strengthening the forearm flexors, upward wrist curls are the best.

Barbell upward wrist curls

Exercise both the forearms simultaneously. The upward wrist curls target your forearm flexor muscles. You can use this method for exercising with barbells or weight training machines. Do about 15 to 20 reps of this exercise.

Chart out a regular training schedule

Strong forearm muscles assist the upper arms and biceps in lifting and supporting greater weights.

If you want to see positive results, you must strive to maintain a regular training schedule. Choose any hour during which you are free for 10 to 30 minutes. Dedicate this time for your exercise regimen.

Do downward wrist curls

From the same position, rotate your wrist downwards. This exercise focuses on another set of muscles in your forearms. These muscles are the forearm extensor muscles.

Holding the dumbbell in hand, rest your forearm on a bench

Let your palms extend beyond the edge of the bench. Rotate your wrist upwards. Shift the weight in your hand. Do 15 to 20 reps of this exercise.

Barbell downward wrist curls

Again, exercise both forearms simultaneously. The downward wrist curls target your forearm extensor muscles. This method can also be used for exercising with barbells or weight training machines. Do about 15 to 20 reps of this exercise, as well.

Continue exercising your forearms

You may not see drastic changes immediately. However, you must continue with your exercises to build forearm muscles. Measure the forearm circumference regularly.

Use a Powerball to build forearm muscles

Handheld gyroscopes like a Powerball help build forearm muscles. A Powerball is fun to use.
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Build forearm muscles
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