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How to become a punk rock star?

Punk music is popular today because it has been part of music since the 1970s. So how do you become one?

Listen to a lot of punk music

First, you need to listen to all the punk bands so that you know what punk is all about. Get the gist of what punk is all about.

Learn the basic chords

Basic punk rock chords can be simple and even the most elementary of guitar players could play them. This means that you can easily be a punk rock musician.

Dress like a punk

Punks nowadays dress differently giving you more freedom on how you decide to look. You can go away with the leather jackets if you want to and settle for just the shirts.

Know the different types of punk music

Punk music now has different varieties.You want to make sure that you listen to these varieties in order to appreciate the music even better.

Know the three chords that you can play for a song

Punk rock songs are basic and therefore you only need a few chords. In one song, you may find yourself playing three chords. These chords will be repeated over and over again.

Get the right amplifier

Amplifiers can be crucial to the type of music that you play. In fact, you can get the right punk flavor when you have the right brand of amplifier. Marshall and Fender are some of the favorite brands for such type of genre.

Get the right effects

You do not want to be considered a punk rocker with an acoustic guitar? Punk rock is all about loud music and distortions. Distortions are guitar effects that change the sound of what the guitar can bring. Getting the right one can make things better for you as a punk rocker.

Style your hair the right way

You want to style your hair to exhibit a punk rock appeal. You want to make sure that you either grow your hair long or you use gel to spike it up.

Learn how to write songs

A great number of punk rock musicians were known not for their voice but for their song writing ability. Know the structure and nature of these punk songs and you may find yourself having a great hit.

Learn the musical scales

Though you aer only playing three chords, you still want to make sure that you have a solid background on what the music is all about. You need to know the musical scales. This way, you will not be afraid to go for solo parts especially when playing the guitar.

Get ready to tour

Touring is one of the most basic things that any punk rocker would have to worry about. It is imperative that you go on a tour especially when you are starting a band. This is something basic that every musician should never forget.

Do not be afraid to become extravagant with performance

Performing is probably the most important thing that you need to think of. You want to make sure that you do not hesitate when you are on stage as a punk performer.
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Become a punk rock star
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