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How to become a pilot?

Unlike other professions, becoming a pilot is a lengthy process. Extreme commitment and exceptional dedication are necessary to become a pilot.

Get medical fitness and physical fitness certificates

You can get these certificates from the local government hospital. A thorough medical examination is conducted before these certificates are issued. Ensure adequate medical fitness before you enroll into a flight school to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Acquire a 4-year college degree

While this is not a compulsory requirement in most countries, a 4-year college degree can lead to a job in a major international airline easily. Your ideal field of specialization at the Bachelors level should be aviation or emphasis on aviation.

Pilot training is expensive and intense

The pathway to the career of a pilot is expensive, and you must meet stringent conditions at several stages. The prospects for a qualified pilot are extremely good.

A college degree will clearly demonstrate to your future employers that you will complete their education program easily.

Locate a good flight school in the neighborhood

Select the best flight school in your neighborhood and opt for the best flight instructor. Start working seriously on getting a private pilot certificate.

Minimum flight times

The minimum flight times vary widely from country to country. Most governments stipulate a minimum of 60 hours flight time. However, 40 hours flight time is adequate in some countries.

Advanced requirements after earning a private pilot license

You must start working on the instrument rating and commercial certificate after earning your private pilot license. For an instrument rating, you need 50 hours of cross country PIC (Pilot-in-Command) and 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument conditions. The total time required for a commercial certificate is 250 hours.

Break-up of the commercial certificate

The break-up of the minimum 250 hours for a commercial certificate include 50 hours cross country, 100 hours PIC, and an additional 10 hours of two-fold instruction in a complicated aircraft.

Certified flight instructor (CFI) rating

You can finish your CFI rating at a flight school and begin working as an instructor in the same school. In this way, you can earn flight hours by working as an instructor. This can be extremely useful when you progress to multi-engine rating.

Other important certifications

Multi-engine instructor (MEI), Multi-engine, and Certified flight instructor instrument (CFII) ratings are the other important certifications for a pilot.

3000 hours is the minimum number of flight time

All major international airlines stipulate a minimum of 3000 hours total flight time for pilots to join their organizations.

Pilots can opt for various flying jobs

To progress to the pinnacle in their profession, pilots have to gain experience in diverse creative ways. These include working as Flight Instructors, taking short assignments with air-taxi enterprises or charter planes, flying corporate planes, and working as flight engineers with private airlines.

A career in the armed forces

As a pilot, you can also opt for a career in the armed forces of your country.
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