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How to become a ghostwriter?

Becoming a ghostwriter enables you to earn money in a relatively easy manner while keeping a flexible schedule.

Attain professional excellence as a writer

Develop and specialize in working under deadlines. Maintain high standards in all your writing assignments. Ensure that your writing is absolutely error-free and plagiarism-free. Initially, take up several short-term writing assignments at online job posting sites and always deliver the assignments well ahead of the deadline.

Register as a freelance writer on online contract work sites

Usually, people or companies seeking the services of a ghostwriter post their requirements on such online freelancing websites. Members in these sites can bid on these writing projects. A dedicated writer capable of meeting deadlines all the time will get a steady stream of ghostwriting assignments. Over a period of time, a ghostwriter will develop an impressive client base.

Meet clients’ deadlines – Always

For a successful ghostwriter, the ability to meet clients’ deadlines is as important as exceptional writing skills. In case you are not able to meet a client’s deadline, it’s always better to talk to your client well ahead of the deadline and explain your predicament. This is much better than either missing the deadline, or submitting low-quality writing to your client.

Be willing to modify your writing style

You must be able to modify your writing style to suit the client’s requirements. A ghostwriter must essentially use the client’s style when requested.

Reputed enterprises and busy individuals hire ghostwriters regularly. The two most essential attributes of a ghostwriter are strong writing skills and dedication. If you develop these attributes, you can quit your full-time job and become a ghostwriter.

Create a website to market your ghostwriting skills

Fashion a professional website and highlight your ghostwriting skills. Advertise your rates for different writing assignments. Add your portfolio and contact information. You can direct out-bound links from article sites to your website by submitting your writings to these article sites.

Adopt a professional approach to your writing projects

A ghostwriter must always maintain a professional attitude. Being professional in all aspects helps a ghostwriter in getting client referrals and positive ratings.

Specialize in a particular type of ghostwriting

Specializing in a particular type of ghostwriting helps you to focus on clients in that niche. For instance, you might specialize in science writing, historical writing, technical writing, blog writing, or autobiography.

Check out classified advertisements for ghostwriter services

Scrutinize sites like CraigsList for ghostwriter requests. You can contact clients in other nations using Yahoo! Messenger or Skype.

Advertise your ghostwriting skills

Advertise your ghostwriting services in social media, writing forums, local newspapers, and on sites like Craigslist.

Never post ghostwriting assignments on your website

You must not post any ghostwriting projects you have done in the public portfolio section of your website. Most clients do not prefer their work to be posted on the net without their specific permission.
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Become a ghostwriter
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